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Also wondering about K-last sizing - I understand the K-last is a bit shorter (more rounded toe) than the U-last?
I just wanted to confirm my understanding of Vass U-last sizing from reading this board. Because of the enlongated last, one should size up 1/2. So if I were 9D in AE Park Avenue, I would be 42.5 in Vass U-last? Is this correct?
I'm looking for Corthay Arca or Arca Satan. I've read different things about the sizing.. I'm 9D in Allen Edmonds.
I don't have the Park Avenue but I have the Strand which I think is the same last as the Park Avenue. The Strand I have is more elongated than the 7 last.  The 7 last is looser in the heel and tighter in the toe box compared to the Strand which I think should be comparable to the Park Avenue.
I am looking to trade a black Allen Edmonds Boardoom, size 9D, for another pair of AE shoes in 9D.   The Boardroom is the exact same design as the Park Avenue (cap-toe oxford) but on a different last. The Boardroom is on the 7 last.   I bought these as seconds from AE. The saleman said he could not see any problems with them, and when I got the shoes I could not figure out why they were seconds. They are still in very good condition.   I want to trade these...
I hear mention of "serrated" when it comes to Santoni FAM shoes. Can someone post a picture of what this is?
  Where could you buy RM Williams seconds in Australia?   
I'm going to be travelling to Australia later this year. Can someone tell me if the Australian prices for RM Williams Chelsea boots are substantially less in Australia than New York or San Fransisco?
    All I meant was that there are a fair number of fairly high quality Italian brands, with multiple lines of differing quality, that I didn't want to list them.  
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