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Sorry if this has been answered here, didn't see it initially.   US 9D Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is what size in Carmina rain last?
If I am US 9D in Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, what size should I get Vass F last? I understand these run large so maybe 41.5?
    Ok but how does one know they are getting the second run? Is there some marking?
    The Amok has some bad reviews. It is MUCH cheaper though - currently 170 discounted at AE while the Alden is alomst 300 more and not often discounted. I'm wondering how much difference there could be - both unlined with leather sole and it is not like AE is known for low quality.
Looking for Alden flexwelt chukka. Any color ok snuff preferred. Leyden last 9d or Barrie 8.5 d.
I;m thinking about getting the Alden Suede flexwelt chukka. Are there any other brands I should look into at this price range?
Is there any difference between the J crew/Alden shell cordovan chukkas and the Alden chukkas, besides color choices? Is the J crew model also on the Barrie last?
I'm thinking about getting a pair of shell cordovan chukkas.   I already have a pair of Allen Edmonds shell oxfords which I enjoy but they are of course stiffer than calfskin and don't seem like good warm weather shoes.   I am used to suede chukkas which are soft and comfortable.   So I'm thinking that shell cordovan chukkas might be uncomfortable because of the stiffness around the ankles?
If I get a Edward Green in suede vs a $100 suede shoe, obviously the EG is much better constructed, but is the suede itself much different - if so how?
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