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Thanks for the answers, that might be the case, but honestly, it's not something you expect for a pair of 350$ boots just worn twice… I'm quite disappointed with the quality, having owned several pairs of RW this is the first time I have something to complain about. I've sent an email to the EU division, waiting for a reply from them. 
Thanks for the advice!Unfortunately, by closely inspecting the boots I've found several defects in them.1- In both shoes, the Goodyear welt doesn't cover the end of the leather stitches properly. You can clearly see the leather stitch folding freely without the welt.2- Another issue are the heels: one in slightly off-center, the other doesn't seem to be properly attached, in fact you can see there's some space between the rubber heel and the body of the shoe.3- Lastly, the...
Hi everyone! Got a brand new pair of iron rangers in charcoal 8116. Question is: how to properly condition them without darkening the leather? Also if anyone has them, how is the leather aging? Thanks!
Looks authentic to me… But to be 100% sure you should see the inside tag on the tongue
Thanks! Too bad I'm based in Europe, I don't think the market here is that hot. I will try my best.Thank again.
Thank you both. In case anyone interested, pm me. Thanks!
 Thanks! Too bad I'm based in Europe, I don't think the market here is that hot. I will try my best.Thank again.
Hello! I don't know if it's the right place to ask questions about Alden, but I have just inherited a pair of them, and since they don't fit me, I would like to know whether they are worth some money or not. As you may have understood, I'm a total newbie, so any help would be appreciated.  They are a dark burgundy-maroon-brown color, and come in size 10 1/2 B/D. They are definitely well worn, but they've been well looked.   I attach some pictures here; does anyone...
I know, you should try ebay.com, but i think it will be pretty hard to get the 1907s. Small sizes are easier to find in other models, like 875, 8138.Or check forums and marketplaces… etsy.com… nordstrom…Good luck!Ps. outside sole of my mod toes 8138 in size us6D is 28.5 cm, inside is likely 25.5 cm (hard to measure!).
I wear US 6D in moc toes (8138) and round toes (8165), 6.5 in engineers (2970). I also had a pair of Beckmans in size 7. They were definitely a size too large, I had to wear insoles and they were uncomfortable since the beginning due to major leather creases above the fingers junctions.   If, like you said, your Beckmans are too big, my advice is to get a size 6.5 D or 6 D in 1907. Best would be to try them on before. If you need it, I can measure the inner & outer...
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