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I havent read it DB, but, I now have it in my hand.  GD Roberts.  It certainly looks like an epic read.  Cant wait to start it.  Thanks for the heads up
Am I there in cricket season?  Or is this just the dumbest question ever?  Its cricket season all year round Im guessing.  Anyway, yes, I will look into this too.  Stadium full of fanatics will be something else Im sure
Hmm, will keep this in mind too.  Am in need of a couple of new scarves.   Think I will have sometime at the back end of the trip to take in the Taj, should be an experience and a half.
Loving the book suggestion.  Am a bit of a book horder...!!   Was reading about the Metro last night, looking forward to that, will be an experience Im sure.   Will look out for cufflinks, good suggestion.
Yes exactly, 8 - 9cm is my preferred choice of width.  The usual at Zegna, ie the tie wall is 6 from memory and even less when David Jones used to sell them here, they seemed quite narrow and stupid looking.   In my humble view I think Drakes have the best; they have a range that comes in at 9cm, beautiful width especially given the nice textures, stripes and patterns they are using.  By far my favourite ties.  Am still paying off the credit card from the damage I did at...
No first time to the Indian continent.  Am quietly very excited.  Have Lonely Planet packed so will do some research on the way over.    Re Zegna - totally share your observations.  All I would add is that the store almost looked on the empty side.  Garments upstairs were sparce and well spread out almost making the illusion of lots of stock.  Cant help but think that they need double the stock they currently have to make it look interesting, they have erred on the side...
Hey All, for my sins work are sending me to Delhi for a month to sort out some #$%^ sandwiches over there.     Any intel from those here in the know about places to go, things to do, am doubtful any tailors will come front of mind from those of you who have ventured there.  Something to make you all cringe, had my vaccinations yesterday, $1,400.....cripes, could hardly believe it.  Dog bites me, Im covered!!!  Just not covered for a bad curry.   Also, any of the...
Count me in.  Will be BNE based for next couple of weeks.
+1 Thankyou JM.
Shoes no issues, they seem ok and over time have developed a quality shine.  However......  the laces they use are rubbish.  Have sent for flat leather laces from The Knottery and they are much much better.  Its often the little things.  My next pair will however be Carminas.   
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