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Thanks Andrew - the depth of knowledge here in our AU Forum has always been amazing to me hence why I seek the advice here.  Thanks for your recommendations.
Jakarta, Rome...and a shout out for Chicago.   Hello All - am SF admirer of the level of knowledge here so thought I would pose a couple of questions, one I know many of you will be more than helpful, one that will be more challenging.   Let me start with the challenging one first - am a 56R, 38 waist.     Where in Jakarta (other than those labels in the shiny malls, Canali, Zegna, Stefano ricci etc etc) are there good menswear locations?  Looks like I will be...
Hello Journeyman - suit back from Regent.  Excellent job.  Reasonably price also.  Thankyou for the recommendation.  Have great weekend.
Thanks Journeyman.  Appointment made for Monday at noon.  Looking forward to it. Thank you again. Chris
Hello All - has been a long time since I last here and I hosted the BNE SF Meetup at Tattersalls Club. Cannot believe it was that many years ago.  New job, new suits, ties from the Armoury, new Meermin Order, its all good!!.   Quick question for the gurus in BNE, ie Journeyman and Co.  I have a couple of suits that need tailoring, ie I have lost weight trying to survive in the mining sector and in new role will wear suit everyday.  Who are the good tailors here now, used...
I havent read it DB, but, I now have it in my hand.  GD Roberts.  It certainly looks like an epic read.  Cant wait to start it.  Thanks for the heads up
Am I there in cricket season?  Or is this just the dumbest question ever?  Its cricket season all year round Im guessing.  Anyway, yes, I will look into this too.  Stadium full of fanatics will be something else Im sure
Hmm, will keep this in mind too.  Am in need of a couple of new scarves.   Think I will have sometime at the back end of the trip to take in the Taj, should be an experience and a half.
Loving the book suggestion.  Am a bit of a book horder...!!   Was reading about the Metro last night, looking forward to that, will be an experience Im sure.   Will look out for cufflinks, good suggestion.
Yes exactly, 8 - 9cm is my preferred choice of width.  The usual at Zegna, ie the tie wall is 6 from memory and even less when David Jones used to sell them here, they seemed quite narrow and stupid looking.   In my humble view I think Drakes have the best; they have a range that comes in at 9cm, beautiful width especially given the nice textures, stripes and patterns they are using.  By far my favourite ties.  Am still paying off the credit card from the damage I did at...
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