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looking to purchase this duffle - if you have one available, please let me know - thanks
pm sent - I'm grabbing this :)
Hi - I am looking to purchase this jacket, size large - if you have one available, please let me know - Thanks -   Edit: Got one! Great Jacket, once I had the sleeves shortened
Rancourts provide more arch support than Quoddys  - I have a pair of each and find the Rancourts more comfortable Both make nice looking, quality boat shoes
  A couple of years ago, I asked Nick at Horween about Shell leather - he said that the leather they use is a byproduct of the food industry - so, no, they aren't using the leather from horses that have simply died of old age or sickness
Does anybody here have a list of upcoming releases from Leather Soul?
what size are these?  
  I would be in if I didn't already own a pair of 404s - good luck, it sounds like a great makeup
  I am partial to the CXL's and have my preorder already in :)
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