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What is this?
Bought one, thanks man. 
Got my chinos today. They're pretty slim...on par with a pair of Levi 511's that I own. The fabric is pretty sturdy, though this might just be attributed to the fact that they haven't been washed yet. The cut (the one I received, LEC is notorious for inconsistent sizing) I've found to be accurate at the waist but slightly longer at the inseam. I'm 6'1" and ~145 lbs and they fit well. I'm not sure about the color but that's mostly due to my skin tone and hair...
Thanks for the code.  I just ordered the Comer Slim Fit Chinos in Auburn size 30x32.    EDIT: Comes out to $37.50
I will be a senior this fall. I don't spend a ton of time on these forums though.
I can't log in for some reason-every time I attempt to login the page just refreshes and I'm back where I started...I've tried different computers and browsers to no avail. Changing my password didn't work either. Any idea what's going on? Thanks.
Will paypal ever be accepted as payment? Thanks for being so helpful!
How much will the sweatshirts be when they drop? Thanks for the awesome website also.
Ok, thanks. Should I look elsewhere, or just wait for a really good coupon at LEC?   Free Shipping + $50 minimum + 20% off select Canvas Sale merchandise Promotion Code: TWINKLE PIN: 4141     Not that great, especially after that 40%+free shipping one last week...
Anyone have any experience with the heritage V-necks? I'm thinking of stocking up on a bunch if another good coupon comes along. Thanks.
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