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In answer to your question - you need to see someone who knows what they are doing and has experience. the only person who I know that might be able to assist you in the RI area is Marc Striesand. His office number is 401 453 0025 Good luck. And don't worry about not knowing the correct terminology. everyone started somewhere, even this posting above.
Sadly, Billy Fioravanti retired earlier this year. He was a great ambassador to our trade.
If you are interested, I visit Houston and Dallas at least three times each year. On two of these occasions I travel with george Glasgow of Cleverly Shoes in London. Although I reside and work in NYC, George and I go back a long way. When we realized we were going to the same cities about the same time, we decided to go at the same time. Probably/possibly I'll be adding Austin to my list very soon Leonard Logsdail
Lou was a gentleman and a great tailor/technician. He and I chewed the fat over various tailoring problems number of times as we sorted out the sartorial problems of the world (or so we thought after a few drinks) He was well respected in our trade, and for good reason.
Leonard Logsdail here. I bought the cutting shears I currently use with all of my first pay packet back in 1969. They are Wilkinson's and still working well. That said. I've always wanted another pair. So, please add my name to the list for pair of the 13" should a second batch be ordered. Also for the 16". When they cut well, and you know what you are doing, the 16" is a great size to use. Leonard
I have worn and enjoyed Hilditch shirts for around 30 years and do not recall a problem. Roger Talbot, their US rep, was a personal friend, too. It was so simple, and always a pleasure, to visit Roger when he was in NYC and order a few. That said, since he's retired it has become even easier for me to order. We became their US representatives, so now I don't even need to leave the store!! How easy is that?? Leonard
Since my Carnaby Street days I have cut the selvedge off every scrap of fabric I give my tailors that they use to make a garment. It was laziness that saw the selvedge left on any garment and, to my eyes, it was an ugly statement. It saved the tailor from turning an edge in before sewing. And just about every Savile Row house had garment makers that worked for them that used this method. So, to see this in a pocket of a bespoke garment tells me nothing of where it was...
George Glasgow made mine at Cleverley. I've had them for around 15 years. No special need required. You just have to enjoy them as the patina increases. Logsdail
I made all the clothes for Denzel Washington in American Gangster, but I wasn't in it. I did have a small part in Wall Street 2. In that movie, I clothed Michael Douglas, Shia Lebeouf, Frank Langella, Josh Brolin. No Scabal fabrics in Wolf. At least, not on Dicaprio. He wore Kemp & Hewitt, Holland & Sherry, Gladson, GRM and Lesser. I did clothes a few others for this movie and, if you have anything specific you would like me to look up, I happily will. Logsdail
I could find anyone else who agreed with you regarding my acting ability!!! The first movie I was in, I had lines. The second, I had lines, but they were cut. And the third movie I was not given lines at all. So I'm not sure where I go from here - except back to my cutting board! And I'm happier there. Logsdail
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