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I'm pretty sure these things are indicative of a human problem pervasive throughout all factions and not something entirely unique to the liberals. I know how blanket statements are used as rhetoric in these debates, but ad hominem is not useful, nor is it insightful. Also, perhaps it's a little less surprising when a Dem indulges in something perceived as morally lenient, because there is less emphasis on traditional virtues/mores within certain brands of progressive...
I find it very difficult to make objective adjudications regarding the issue -- but maybe that's a good thing, in a way.
I got a double-breasted, corduroy De Curtis sportcoat from the store in SoHo today for $41.00. It was a 40R, too. I'm a happy camper.
She's so rad.
Pfft, nice Iroh. Way to shit your shirt.
http://en.paperblog.com/samsung-pays-apple-1-billion-sending-30-trucks-full-of-5-cents-coins-294795/ I lol'ed like a motherfuck. Apparently it's not true, but I wish it was.
I missed out on a show in Sydney a couple of years back, and my buddy who went said I had missed out on a truly unforgettable evening.
I didn't either. 
I was two blocks away. Shit was scary. 
Bro, I like your ideas, but I'm never a huge fan of your neckwear decisions, purely because your ties contrast everything else too aggressively. You have a good thing going on, though.
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