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And I feel like there have been American shows like this before, that have been at least mildly successful, if not a little bit entertaining.  MTV fucks everything up.
I like this. It's making me miss Sydney winter.
  Issues others mentioned aside, that really is a great shirt.
Uh-oh. Did I violate any rules? 
I saw this while sitting at my laptop in a café. I lost my shit laughing because I can see the cat's butthole.
Concur. I'll even root for the O's, just because TO HELL WITH THE SOX.
Do it. Get married.
Fuck yeaaaaaah.
Mod synths are rad.
I quite liked The Campaign -- it was mean-spirited at times, but it was juvenile enough to make me laugh. Don't expect too much profundity or revelation when it comes to the whole political thing though.
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