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I would prefer something that's top grain, at least. Great advice, thanks.     Fair call. I can probably trust the quality and construction of Herring anyway.    
Believe me -- there's not much. And when their is, the mark-up is despicable.   I considered Tyrwhitt, but I think their website needs to be updated. There are only about five models live and online currently, and they're all too much of a stretch for me financially. I'm not sure that I'll be able to wait for ages. I've perused Pediwear and Herring looking for some more reputable shoemakers -- Loake, Herring, Sanders. I think the Herring Kensington in Pecan Calf on the...
I should've asked -- probably not. Also, like an idiot, I didn't ask if it was semi-aniline or pigmented or anything either. Besides, I'd prefer to get an objective response from someone who isn't on the payroll. *Edit: On further inspection, they are corrected grain. 
I couldn't really find any conclusive information whilst on the lurk, so SF, I am enlisting your help so that I can make an important decision: I live in beautiful, sunny, over-priced Sydney, Australia; a City of elf-toed derby monstrosities, an Opera House that resembles a postmortem examination of Humpty Dumpty's cadaver and a big ol' IKEA in some industrial 'burb nobody notices on their way to the airport. Sydney, being excruciatingly expensive, in conjunction with...
I'm a bit late; Brooksfield in World Square (opposite [C]Oxford and Jack[off] London) stock Edwin Denim. I bought a pair of Edwin Sen Selvage jeans for $129 on Boxing Day. If you get there quick, you'll be able to get a pair for $180 or so, down from $239.
+1 Proof.
I could spend $1000 on a thousand purses -- all of them made in China.
God. Damn. I feel like this is better than being a 'bandwhore', still.
A resounding "meh". This is a guy dressed as Paddington the Bear.    
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