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No fucking way.
You fuckin' bet!
PSA: If you're in Sydney right now, you may want to refrain from wearing anything purple -- you know. Just in case.
Haha, I'm from Sydney, so I'm extremely familiar with Cotton On. I dig. They do make pretty damn decent imitations, for a pretty damn decent price. 
Interesting. I might be moving to Florida, somewheres, for a little while next year with the lady, so thanks for the heads up. Sydney's expensive as shit, but you can earn amazing money there. 
I like how you reaffirmed that your own advice is 'actually great'.
Stitchy, you have awesome ties. Post 'em.
Guess who has a new favourite thread? Me.  I might post when I get back to Australia. 
Shit is impeccable. Seriously.
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