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Thanks Cleav. CheersūüėÉ
Yes, very serious issues with importing a Rolex to the US. A very well known British vintage Rolex seller has a disclaimer saying something to the effect of he won't sell to people in the US, unless they notify him they will make arrangements to pick it up personally, or have an agent personally pick it up and wear it into the US.Not sure about any regulations concerning importing a Rolex to Canada. You'd need to look into that yourself. Just be sure there won't be...
Not sure what I did. Wishing you luck If speaking about Rolex, its a HUGE no no! You can buy a Rolex outside the US and wear it in, but you can't ship a Rolex into the US. There are incredibly strict customs regulations regarding importing Rolexes into the US. If you get caught, customs confiscates the watch and it's your loss!
Great links! They are amazingly versatile. However, it is almost impossible to photograph and capture all three colors of gold! They are definitely my favorite pair of cufflinks.
Hi Dachshund, Auditeur is correct, you can choose from a variety dial choices, and ask your AD to order the version you want. In the US swapping dials after a watch is at a dealer is discouraged and if they agree to do it, Rolex makes you send the watch to them, pay for a new dial, they install it, and they keep your old dial. On current Rolexes that would reduce the value of the watch somewhat should you trade/sell it later, as the paperwork etc often notes the...
Not sure that's a fair or accurate description. If you are suggesting IWC has copied VC, then you are way off the mark based on history. As most people here know, AP created a completely new market of luxury sport watches when the Royal Oak was released in 1972. It didn't catch on immediately as a success, but within a few years we saw others releasing their versions of luxury sports watches: Patek with the Nautilus, VC with the 222, GP with the Laureato, and IWC with...
I can totally understand that. When you get something that is brand new with boxes/ papers etc from an AD, its easier and cuts out any potential drama or unpleasant surprises.  Wishing you luck with it.  
 If the choice were between those 2, it would be the DJ.  As others have suggested, maybe you should look at a Milgauss or a 39mm Explorer.   I am not a fan of the current IWC products, which is a shame because I like several of their older pieces.  Sadly, today most of their watches do nothing for me and I find their "Limited Editions" a really tiresome marketing exercise (so in general, I'd rather have a regular edition).  They have so many limited editions, that I find...
I agree with Goodman.  Keep the Speedy and see how things go through the DJ's honeymoon period.  Once the newness wears off the OP can decide whether to sell one, or if he finds he actually wears both, keep them both.  Two watches is far from excessive.  Its not as though most people just have one pair of shoes, or one jacket, and different activities or events could call for a different watch. 
Not necessarily.  Both are really nice watches.  I think the 116200 is a bit more versatile, but if you like and using the chronograph function, well the 116200 isn't going to do the trick.   It just depends on what you want.  
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