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Sorry, don't know what our pal Stitchy is up to these days. 
He's been a bit busy with another hobby, photography.  
thanks, I thought he was serious.  Just looked like lighting to me.  
I believe that's just a lighting issue, and that the dial is simply all black (other than white markings of course).  Edit: My bad...if it is actually two toned l'm...not a fan either. 
Agreed, "Recognizable" probably would have been the better description.  Although, in addition to celebs wearing them I think the RO being in existence for nearly 25 years longer than the Overseas also has something to do with its recognizability.   Interestingly, AP's slogan through the 1980's was "Known only by those who know."  Perhaps they dropped it because now everybody knows... Yes, that is true in many circumstances.  Although, I'm not sure that has been the cause...
+1 I'm not a fan of Offshores.  So who wears them (or who wears a Patek, VC, JLC, Piaget, Rolex or any other brand) is irrelevant to me.  Unless Lebron, Usher, Brad Pitt, etc are going to foot the bill for my next watch purchase, why should anything they do or wear influence me?   Purchasing something because some actor, musician, or athlete has it, is something people should have out grown while in grade school.    
Brand ambassadors, may help get these watches out in the eyes of the public and explain recognizability, but I'm not sure it explains their popularity.  Brad Pitt, John Mayer, Paul McCartney, Charlie Sheen (a former VC collector) or Eric Clapton have all been seen and photographed wearing Patek's on magazine covers or during interviews.  Celebrities might be part of the answer, at least with Offshore models, but I don't think it truly explains the popularity of the RO .  
If the Cellinis really speak to you then that is the way to go.  However, if a major reason for your reason for choosing a Cellinis is that its a Rolex, and Rolex watches have high resale value on the secondary market, then you might be disappointed if you go to sell or trade the Cellini at a later date.  Cellini models do not enjoy the same high level of resale value as their Oyster cased siblings.  Much of the high resale value for Rolex watches is due to a strong demand...
 see belowGents, sorry for the scary 70'/80's watch photos!The Cellinis have gotten much nicer in recent years, but generally for what they cost I'd rather have something else.  
+1  Me too !
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