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I love the case and the hands...although I would prefer if it did not have a central seconds hand, as it seems bit too modern for the case style and hands. 
Very nice "Family photo!"  
Gents,   I have had a few PMs asking about the service intervals and the rumored "Delicacy" of the RO Jumbo with ultra thin movement cal 2120/2121 vs. cal 3120 which is found in the 15400 and the previous model 15300.  After speaking to AP's service center, a few AP owners with longer ownership experience than I have, and one who has strong connections to AP, and has owned watches with both calibers here is what I have learned:   The expected service interval is the...
 I find the blue and black dials on Lange 1s are a bit lifeless.  I greatly prefer the Lange 1s with silver dials.   Interesting to see your perspective about more modestly sized watches has changed.  I look forward to seeing how that affects your future purchases.  
 I believe it is sapphire crystal disc that rotate which give the appearance of floating hands.  Cartier has been making mystery clock versions for more than 100 years.
I'm a big fan of Cartier cufflinks and watches, but I tend to prefer the watches they were making several years ago.  I am not a fan of the Calibre in any size.  I've tried on the 42 and the Calibre dive watch and the only 2 improvements I see with the 38, is they are no longer using a mix of sticks, Romans, and Arabic numerals on the dial (which I find a stylistic mess), and the 38 doesn't have that annoying date window displaying 3 dates (although I don't like the...
That can be dangerous for your $$$, but they are beautiful!!!   Dings happen...although, I've noticed some friends with particularly large watches tend to pick up worse dings.  They often forget how thick some larger watches can be until BANG...it hits a door knob or door jam.  
Overall, I like it.  Although, I'd prefer it on an Oyster bracelet both for its looks and they tend to survive wear & tear better,  generally developing less "Stretch" than the "President" bracelets.  Wishing you luck with whatever you decide...but my first vote goes to a YG Sub, next Day-Date on an Oyster bracelet.  
Congrats on the new Daytona!  I'm a big fan of them with a black dial.  Looks great enjoy it!  
 Welcome back!  Your 15300 looks great !!!  It's slimmer sibling says hello! 
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