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Looks great!  Congrats on the new Daytona!  Looking forward to some wrist shots after it has been sized.  
I'm guessing he meant a project car that needs a little work but not a true restoration. Even with air cooled car values having increased over the last few years, many, particularly the 964 (unless its a Turbo 3.6 or Turbo 3.6 S)  are still in a price range where its going to be cheaper to buy the best one you can afford than to buy a needy one and do a full restoration of it. 
It looks like a fake Vacheron Constantin Royal Eagle Tourbillon.  I'd like to see a better photo of it, but my first impression is its a fake.
The enabler in me says get the 964...The practical side says, if you're in Manhattan, where are you going to keep it and how often will you get to drive it.   But the enabler side says F*ck it...get the 964  Yea, I saw the photos recently, but didn't know it wasn't going to be released in the US.  
Don't take it so personally... However, try re-reading your own post. Then read mine.  No one asked you to predict anything.  You said you assumed investigators can match damage and determine it that way.  I was merely pointing out its not that easy especially when the front of his car hit the back of theirs. 
Matching up damage and determining how an incident took place isn't always clear cut.  Especially where his front end hit the the back of their vehicle.  Its his word against theirs as to how it happened. They could allege he was the one who changed lanes. Yes, and insurance company has incentive to prove its the other guys fault, but sometimes even they can't tell, it goes to arbitration (I recently had a case like that involving a car that changed lanes and one car side...
You did the right thing.  There could be more damage than you thought once they take the bumper cover off.  When my old daily driver Subie got hit from behind, it didn't look like much damage, scuffed rear bumper, scraped exhaust tip, etc.  However, the piece under the bumper cover was broken, along with a few other parts that escape me, and before I knew it...the damage was well over $2K.   In addition, I've seen a few cases where people who said they wouldn't report it,...
While I always advocate getting something because you really like it and not based on price, but for 75% off retail, for me it would be a no brainer (but I like their Diagono).  Where do I sign and I'll take one!!!   I don't think you can find something better. brand new with a manufacturer movement for roughly $1,600-1800.  You can't get into a new IWC, Patek, AP, VC, Rolex, etc for that kind of money.  Again you have to like it, but for me it would be an easy...
The Bvlgari Bvlgari is the most classic and probably one of the most famous of their watches.  As Keith mentioned it was designed by Gerald Genta (who is one of the greatest watch designers of all time, famous for the Royal Oak, Nautilus, IWC Jumbo SL Ing, the Patek Golden Ellipse etc.).   If you can get a smokin hot deal on it, maybe its worth considering. The other watch, Diagono Pro is definitely sportier and I like the design more.  The Diagono version closest to its...
Congrats on the BLNR!!!  I'm sure you'll get many years of enjoyment from it.  Its one of my favorite watches.  It also looks great with the missus' Oyster!  Congrats again and enjoy it!  
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