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Congrats and enjoy!  
Fun to drive, and their engines sound amazing, but definitely a model that was brutal on the wallet.  In general, their earlier and later V8 cars are a lot less expensive to maintain.  Still a beautiful car and fun to drive if you have deep pockets!
Nope?  Is that presuming you lied, and it was just a "He said she said" situation, where its just your word against theirs?  With more people having dash cam/go pros, traffic cameras at intersections, security cameras on nearby buildings, other motorist/pedestrian witnesses, or computers in modern cars that can say how fast a car was moving at the time of the collision or just prior, its not as easy to get away with blaming the other guy.  
That is one of the few RDs that does something for me.  Keeping my fingers crossed that someday one will be on your wrist!
That's a beauty!  Enjoy it in good health my friend.  
Congrats!  Looking forward to more pix soon!  
I've never used the hand brake.  Although, a friend of mine who is considerably older and used to use the hand break on his previous cars.  He really hates the new electric parking brake in his current car because he can't do that on a hill and he keeps stalling with the stupid hill hold feature. Its generally - for me, foot on clutch & brake.  Car in 1st gear.  Start to ease off the clutch and then move my foot to the accelerator and start to give it a little gas.  Once...
Yes, they were originally powered by a Ford 351 Cleveland engine  (much later cars had other Ford engines).  The cars were also originally sold through Lincoln Mercury dealers.  The Mecum Auction results from last week, in Montere,  were on TV last night.  A red 74 with 11,000 miles didn't meet the reserve.  Highest bid was $110,000.  Jay Leno was there and commented that when he bought his 3 years ago, it was fully sorted and cost him $52,000, but that collectors are...
Yes, my friend has a white one with the wing and flares.  Its very 1980's looking, but fun and cool.  Yes, the engine is a Ford Cleveland 351, and my friend says its easy to work on and lots of people modify them.  If you look here and there you can also see some parts bin pieces like tail lamps, interior switches (same on Maserati Bora and later Meraks), since DeTomaso owned Maser at one point.  
A friend of mine has a Pantera GT5-S from I believe 1986.  Its got the big wing on it.  He's had it about 10 years and likes it a lot but it needs some work now.  He said its relatively easy to work on and gets parts for.   
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