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Agreed, the way the light hits it and the pattern on the dial is quite striking.  Photos often do not capture the true depth of color.  Here is an older photo of mine. 
That's the revised darker blue dial of the 15202 that came out around 2014.  However, in addition to it being tough to take a good photo of the RO's textured dial without a bit of practice, and the lighting conditions of that store, that watch has plastic over the watch head/case and dial.  I think with practice,  better lighting, and no plastic the darker dial 15202 would look far better than your photo.  The blue dial Reverso is a nice watch, and while the color is...
The AMG 560/500 SEC was a serious "Miami Vice"- badass car when I was a kid.  Although they were an aftermarket tuner back then, in someways AMG seemed cooler and more special before being absorbed by MB.   +1Best guess...a few too many young guys who have recently seen Scarface and Miami Vice. Ouch !!! Sorry to hear really sucks when someone damages your baby.  Hoping all is resolved and repaired to your liking soon. 
From what I read years ago, one study showed the basic MB SL500 was among the most expensive luxury cars to own in terms of service and I'd imagine hyper cars from AMG would be even far more costly to own.  In the end, as long as he recognizes he is buying a car that was probably $150K+, and not an $80K and that parts and service will be commensurate with something in the $150K+ range then hopefully he will be prepared to pay for parts/service that go with...
Agreed...although, giving him the benefit of the doubt on the 15202, I know at one point he was looking at a pre-owned models that were pre-2012 dial change.  In addition to the dial changing in 2012 the color blue use changed, and then it changed again around 2014.  
A tech who works on one of our cars has one, and he likes it a lot!
IMHO, the Roadster is a huge improvement over the coupe.  I always thought the coupe was too bulbous and ugly from the passenger compartment back.  My only issue with the design of the roadster, is I prefer the SL grill.   I'm guessing they wanted to bring out some of their vintage racing car's heritage in this model, but I always thought the front grill was more elegant in the 300SL Gullwing and Roadster road cars. 
Congrats on your latest acquisition !!!  I'm generally not a huge fan of floating lugs on retro pieces, but they did a really nice job of modernizing and incorporating them into the design so they don't seem too dainty or out of place.  I think they work really nicely with this piece.  Enjoy it and be sure to give it more wrist time than the last owner did!  
Sorry to hear about the Legacy  ...RIP That Forester looks like it will fit the bill for what you both want...although it is getting up there in years.  Even with low mileage certain things can perish or need replacing, brake lines, fuel lines etc.  Although, if the currency converter I used is accurate, buying that one would leave you plenty of money for repairs.  Good luck! We were recently looking for a new daily driver for Mrs. Dino, her 2003 MB C320 Sport 4matic is...
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