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No worries my friend.  Cheers!
Yes I visited the cities not the entire province.  I presumed when you listed living in Quebec you were speaking of the city, not the general province, my mistake sorry.  
You definitely will not see 35-40% off in the US at gray shops.  Maybe in some parts of the world, but back in the days when grays in the US were discounting at those rates,  I could get the same discounts on VCs, Pateks, IWCs, and Langes...but the margins have changed in the US, and at least near me the discounts are not 35-40% off on higher end or high demand pieces from grays or ADs.   Also some gray's carry pre-owned pieces.  I don't consider a lightly worn, pre-owned...
I would say, one quick thing that I may have over simplified and that is going with the premise that all gray market shops are cheaper.  That may be true on easy to get more common pieces, but on hard to get pieces and recently released pieces they usually charge the same or significantly more than ADs.  If I had purchased a steel 16520 Daytona from a gray shop years ago, I probably could have had one sooner, but it would have cost me anywhere from $3,000-twice its list...
You can always bring a watch purchased at a gray market shop to the manufacturers service center for service in the future (provided it doesn't have aftermarket bezels, dials, etc, Rolex and I believe Cartier will insist on changing the watch back to factory specs or they will not work on your watch).  The cost of service for an overhaul of a watch is the same regardless of whether you bought it from a gray market shop or an AD.   Purchasing from a gray market shop, there...
  Now that is truly a nice surprise!  
No they are not an AD.  Rolex doesn't let AD's sell their watches through the internet.  I also checked Rolex's AD locator in that region and they are not listed as an AD. 
So true my friend!  
Or its a bad sign for one's wallet when the sales associates or Maitre Ds know you that well.  
Well then it should be the right, size, color and style.  Wishing you luck with whatever it is.  
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