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It doesn't have the additional text on the dial saying "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified."
The Explorer II has a fixed bezel, it does not rotate on any version (new or old). In addition, if you guys mean the old 1655...then yes you would still have the water resistance issue that comes with vintage watches. 
Happy Birthday and Congrats!  Looks great on you.  Hope it brings you many years of enjoyment!  
Congrats!  Definitely a large Rolex, but it wears pretty well for 42mm.  The black dial is one of my favorite modern Rolex watches.  Congrats and enjoy!
Yea, I noticed the same thing.  Hope that they actually have a Rolex to give away, and not a Rollox Heir King. 
Looks great!  Enjoy it and wear it in good health! 
One of my friends (who is a collector and writer in the watch industry) has owned a few and recently visited their factory.  He said he was really impress with their quality.  I have no personal experience with them.  I have another friend who really likes ABP straps.  My only personal experience is with Camille Fournet.  I think if you go with any of the above three brands you will get a really nice strap.  Try both on and see which appeals to you more.  I really like the...
Great shopping and great restaurants...although the sales tax there is brutal...its about 10% in the city IIRC.  The watch store I remember the most from my visiting Chicago in the past was Swiss Fine Time (they are an AD for AP, Panerai, Breguet, GP, Journe, Parmigiani, RM etc.)  They are on Michigan Ave.  CD Peacock was the local AD for Rolex, Patek, Panerai and a few other brands.  
Nothing wrong with being OCD, as long as you are enjoying your watches.  I wear all of mine, but I've very careful.  I'm sure in the eyes of many watch people, I'd qualify as OCD but that doesn't bother me.  
 Won't hurt it at all.  Just make sure if you are at the beach or go swimming to wash it off when you get home.  Sand, grit, sea salt etc if left on a bracelet causes friction and can lead to some bracelet stretch over time.  Good luck and have fun.   Thanks Frills.  I do wear all of my watches and most have been daily wearers at one time or another, but as you have said...I have been pretty good about developing Ninja reflexes to avoid contact with other objects.  I will...
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