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My father bought a 16710 in 2001, and the MSRP back then was $3,500.  I believe it was around $4,000 by 2004-2005, as my Sub LV (which had a higher list price than the GMT) had an MSRP of $4,500 in 2005.   Personally, I would go with the Pepsi or Coke bezel insert as it helps differentiate it as a GMT.  Not that I needed people to know it was a GMT vs. a Sub, but when I had an all black bezel GMT, people who sort of knew watches would say nice Sub.  It sort of like the GMT...
I know seriously....do you think his toaster is made by AP?
Thank you for clarifying that.  There is certainly something to be said for in house movements, and many companies today offer them.  Sure, I can see you placing a greater value in that than someone modifying a movement and putting it in their own watch.  That being said, you have to be careful that you are not merely lumping all watches together that use an outsourced movement.  First not all outsourced movements are the same quality, and some are exceptional, in quality,...
These just appear to be fashion watches.   There is nothing wrong with ETA movements, most are good, solid, reliable movements.  However, the finish can be drastically different at different price points.  So don't make the mistake of lumping in $500 watches with being of the same quality in terms of fit and finish as say a $5,000 watch using an ETA movement.   Also, I'm not sure what the reference is to Rolex or Nomos.  Both are far more than merely "Brand" names.  They...
A friend had an Hermes watch years ago.  It was ok, but I've never really been interested in owning one of their watches.  Another friend recently picked up a vintage VC&A Pierre Arpels watch, and he is very happy with it.  My wife loves their jewelry and I like their cufflinks. 
I didn't hear about a color change.  Our last Hermes purchase a few months ago still came in the iconic orange box with brown trim, and even a few weeks ago we saw someone carrying an orange Hermes bag, not to far from one of the boutiques.  However, even if they had changed colors they have used orange as a color for so long that it would still be a good reason for Aleksandr or anyone else to associate the color orange with the brand.  
I love Hermes products, but not that strap regardless of it being the color of their packaging.  If I really wanted a watch to have an Hermes look or quality, then I'd purchase an actual Hermes strap. 
Thanks for the pix.  That confirms what I thought about it being too much, I'm not a fan of that at all.  If it makes you happy enjoy.  To me, that's a watch that looks best on a bracelet.    Always cracking me up.  Thanks for the laughs! I love those!!!  Very cool !!!  
I was never been a fan of the Bronze GMT, or root beers as they are now referred to, but they have come to grow on me.  I've seen some tropical dials that look a lot better than that one.  Hard to tell from a photo, but the area around the 6 marker makes me a tad concerned about possible water damage....I'm sure the watch runs fine...but I've not a fan of moisture damage to dials...tropical or not it detracts and reduces its value.  I like the vintage hour markers...but...
Black with an orange stripe might work...an all orange strap I think might be a bit too much (at least for me). 
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