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Congrats again and make sure you give it plenty of wrist time!  
Congrats on your new addition!  Looks like a very good consolidation of your collection, and a nice selection of watches to choose from depending on the occasion. 
Congrats and I'm glad that my write up was helpful to you.  The Daytona is a great addition to any collection.  Great photo, I'm also a big fan of the BMW 3.5CSL "Batmobile" model that you have your Daytona resting on.  Great car and a great watch!
Hmmm, I don't think that is the case.  I think we all find it interesting to see less common watches here, and to hear ownership experiences concerning them.  I don't think there is out right hostility, although maybe some of us are rather blunt with our opinions.  I do think that the brands that many of the so called approved watches are approved for a number of reasons such as good reputation for quality, iconic design, good resale value (should a buyer tire of it and...
  Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your new arrival posted here soon.  You owe us some wrist shots  Love the dial on that one, just wish it didn't have those weak soldered lugs that can easily be snapped off if it accidentally gets banged against a door frame or other solid item.  
No watch can be everything to everyone.  As for the SS versions being unsubstantial...I don't know what that is in reference to?  Is that in reference to weight or feel of the bracelet?  If so the bracelets on older steel models used hollow center links and a stamped steel clasp.  The bracelets are vastly improved with solid links through out and a machined clasp.  But again...hey if its not for you, no big deal.  There are lots of other watches on the market.  
Great photo and great watch!  I love my Daytonas.  I don't think anyone was aggravated by your asking about Montblanc watches.  I think possibly you are mistaking some very blunt, honest opinions for being aggravated.  While a Montblanc isn't a watch I'd advise someone to spend their hard earned $$$ on, if someone really likes it and wants it, he should go for it.  In the end its not my $$$ , so if after considering other options its still someone's dream watch, he should...
  Mimo my friend, you always crack me up!  Thanks for the laughs!
+1,000       Value is important, but so is design, and ultimately what you are getting.  Personally, a large watch case with a perpetual calendar, even at $12K plus a discount of 40% sounds nice in some respects, but when you look at it in detail its not the savings it sounds like. A basic, small ETA movement in an oversized case...its like looking at a guy wearing a trench coat that belonged to his brother who was 3 sizes larger.  Even if its a nice coat, it sloppy in...
It doesn't do much for me...I don't like the "Melting dial look."  I also don't think I could pay that kind of money for an Omega on a gold "Oyster bracelet."  If I'm buying something on an Oyster bracelet...I'd buy a Rolex.  If I'm buying an Omega I want it to look like an Omega, not the love child of a Rolex and Omega. Just my 2 cents.  
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