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        4", quick and dirty picks (overexposed, too). Newporter sole works great on ice and snow. Again, not warm enough for winter in colder climates. After about five years, the wear is showing at the heels, but not due for resoling yet.Excellent boots. In early September I spent a week in them, wedding reception and hiking in British Columbia Coastal Mountains, although they are not particularly suited for mountain hiking, soles are very thin. Unless you...
I am sorry I couldn't respond sooner. I have a pair in black, with All Weather Tuff Leather option, standard Newporter sole. Comfortable as slippers, Munson last rules (wider in a toe-box), a little too cold on more blistery winter days in Montreal. About four or five years old, probably another five before I will have them resoled.
One more bump, while winter is still there.... With major price drop....
Originally proxied from Japan, from the Beams+ 2011 Fall/Winter Collection. Very rare and hard to find now. Worn sparingly, unfortunately they are a little too tight for me. Waist is OK, but not thighs.   Made of gorgeous grey wool,substantial but not too thick, with a coin pocket, lined to below the knee front and back.   Best for slim size 32.   NOW would like $115, shipped with tracking anywhere in the USA and Canada.
I recently bought Woolback OG and Autumnweight 60/30 Chino from Outlier. The sizing on both is typical jeans; one size (2") down from actual. Dress pants would be 34" for me, 32" in Outlier models.
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