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If history is any guide, there will be a corporate sale and a F&F in close proximity to each other, one in mid/late September and one in early/mid October.  If you're in a popular size, expect that regardless of which comes first, the trendiest/seasonal items will all be decimated after the first sale is over. F&F is 25% off, corporate is 30% off, semi-annual can go up to 40% off.  For the past year or two, the semi-annual after Christmas stacks a bonus percent on top of...
Unfortunately, J.C. Penney's attempt to end discounted prices in favor of more reasonable and honest daily pricing was a disaster for them.  The reality, as demonstrated by this recent article, is that the average buyer doesn't want a good price; they just want what they perceive is a good deal.  Is it entirely stupid and irrational? Absolutely, but it's also the economic reality for most retailers.  Hence over-inflated prices and steep periodic discounts.
 Does this stack on top of the corporate discount?  When I attempt to checkout, the corporate discount seems to override the above even though this discount would be better.  But I know sometimes these discounts don't "show up" until you get the confirmation email.
Think it depends on the fabric, to be honest.  With rare exception, I'm not a fan of their silk ties at all, but I have ties made from other materials that knot excellently, even in slim (wool, silk-wool blend, cotton, chambray, madras).
Don't understand why they don't have basic staples in the luxury line for ESF.  The only solid white and light blue shirts are button down collar.  Nothing in a spread collar, nothing in a French cuff.
Previous commenters have suggested they are lower quality.  But they're lower price too, so I suppose that's to be expected.   I got the mailer about the preferred cardmember event as well.  I suspect that means the Friends and Family Event will not come until it concludes, at the earliest.  Although, I'm not sure what the difference is between the two, as I thought F&F required a BB card to get the 25% discount anyway.
When I was in the Dupont store on Wednesday, they had a selection of Milano suits in tan pin dot and navy, and the Milano sports coats in seersucker and grey (the one with the ticket pocket on the website).   Also, to those who advised me to size up from a 39R to a 40R when going from Fitz to Milano, definitely right.
Semi-Annual Events (up to 40%): end of Q2 and Q4.     Corporate Event (30%): late Q1, late Q3.   Friends and Family Event (25%): usually a week or two after the Corporate Event.
The economics of farming were completely different in the pre-WWII era.  The market was totally unregulated and, because of the effects of WWI on global supply, output was wildly unpredictable.  By 1930, U.S. farmers were struggling to get by because of vast oversupply of food.     In 1930, the U.S. had more farmland than it does today, and farmland available has been on a decades-long decline.  This persists even though U.S. population in 1930 was nearly 200 million...
His analysis is, to put it mildly, severely lacking.  To the extent that the OER is gaming inflation, by his analysis we should've seen runaway inflation in the mid-2000s, when the housing market was overheated.  Did we?  No.  Ah, but now that the housing market has collapsed, the OER is hiding all the inflation that we see in... nothing but food staples and Peal & Co. shoes?  Uh, no.     Food staples have seen rising prices because environmental factors are...
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