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GV Winter Sale 50% off   https://gitmanvintage.com
 Also free shipping through March 28 (today).
 an automatic promotion (no coupon, temporary price drop) of 25% on a selection expired recently. could explain the increase, especially if the $200 increase took it from $600 to $800.
MISSEDYOU 10% off   http://www.thecorner.com/
unis sample sale 70% old stock made in USA (maybe the last chance to get, with production now in portugal)   http://unisnewyork.us1.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=8f1e786c988acb8fc394fe57c&id=6b3ccaf957&e=7cbb5a4e55
http://gitmanvintage.com/collections/summer-sale   has been on sale lots of places, barneys eastdane acrimony context needsupply not to mention various european retailers
https://www.mrporter.com/Help/ReturnsAndExchanges   at the bottom, under "our policy":   Final Sale Final sale items purchased during our sale clearance cannot be returned or exchanged.
concur great customer service
check your dream box for drops plus coupon "YOOXMENOT" 15% off expires 3/6   http://www.yoox.com
TBS  FW14-20-I6IIB
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