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You want them to fit your foot with a light sock. After breaking in, they'll stretch to allow heavier socks. Ideally, you should have a small amount of heel slip when you walk. The boots should be snug on your foot from under your arch around the top the laces with room left for adjustment, and then all toes should be short of the end of the boot, even when walking or standing on a downward slope. Small boots can be stretched a little, but not very much. If you get the...
I've never seen any of the heritage collection in a Red Wing retailer. I'm sure some carry them, but definitely not all. The GTs fit differently than anything you could find at a normal retailer.
Both are beeswax based, so they probably don't differ all that much in composition or performance. Personally, I prefer Obenauf's, but only because it seems to apply easier and I like the smell.
I really want to see pictures of the Christy sole. I'm due for a resole and have thought about going that route.Also, if you want to talk misconceptions, I've got one that drives me nuts: If you use an insole in these boots, you're doing it wrong. The hard leather will eventually conform to your foot, and be far more comfortable and durable than all but the best custom-made orthotic insert.
Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound ok i decided to not use insoles also just thick cotton socks. what shoe polish best matches the black cherry color? i read some people using kiwi neutral but mine already has a lot of scratches since i wear them pretty hard. Neutral covers scratches surprisingly well. Anything besides that will change the color a little bit. You may or may not like the results.
Brown or none. The shade of brown depends on the shoe, but I would think lighter than the shoe color, generally.
Here's a tip, more about life in general than fashion in particular: Observe closely everything the Jonas Brothers do, and do the exact opposite. Sure, you'll have a harder time pulling 13 year old girls, but at least your friends might respect you.
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles +1. These are hideous. Do me a favor? Please point and laugh at any kid in your HS with a pair. Edit: Where the hell do you live that it is acceptable/ necessary to wear snow boots in the middle of May? More appropriately, where the hell is it acceptable to wear those particular boots ever?
Quote: Originally Posted by Calden Just found this pic looking through Google images. Really makes me want a pair. Do these belong to someone on here? Is this just a pair in black cherry polished with black? Almost looks like someone hit them with a coat of parade gloss. Very nice. If someone could confirm that that is black polish, I would definitely try that with mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guy-Montag I want that lens. Do you have the exif from the shot? Also, no homo, much better.
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