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Generous with time, generous with attention, generous with ties...     What a treat to meet the the RING PEOPLE!!! from RING JACKET!!! And to finally meet Jim Ockert and Kiyoshi in person.     The RING JACKET!!! I tried on 'popped' into place like it was cut just for me - and it was an off-the-rack jacket.  The shoulder is amazing.  And, I think for the first time, the sleeve angle was correct for me.     (who gave them my measurements in advance?)
After 8-10 years of looking for a bag that I actually want, I have to agree with your finding.
Stupid long weekend wasted waiting for RJ+KoC...
I'll happily go.
I ordered several suits and sports coats from F-1 - never paying more than $500.  I stuck with them for suits because they got my measurement right.     The $200 suits were actually quite good, considering how cheap the fabric and fused construction was.   Having a perfect fit seems more important than anything else.   But, the $500 suits are really amazing.  Getting compliments all the time, stares from desirable women, etc.       Ginza Tailor Fukuoka is my choice...
Sam Hober doesn't do what I've asked for.   By 'make a tie to order - including pattern' - I mean that I could ask for 4" wide stripes in 3 alternating colors, with a medallion skull and crossbones 10" up from the tip, and get this in a 56" x 2.2" wide tie.     Does anyone in the US make custom ties including the pattern.  As in, can they weave?
While in Japan a resourceful girlfriend I was foolish enough to let go of found a website that would make a tie to order - including pattern.     Anything at all like that available in the US, or that will accept orders from the US?    (Nobody makes what I want...)
I'm sick as a dog.  Have to cancel.  See you all next time.
Maybe with my fingerprints.     Unless, you are interested in agile change management? 
Good thing we're eating afterwards.  I wouldn't want to get my greasy paws all over that wonderful brown canvas and leather.
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