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Let's resurrect this thread.   2015:  Your recommendatons?   Tailor - Alterations:   Shoe Repair:   Barber:
Ugh.  I want to buy it if the sleeves are too short...  Can you contact me?
In.  I've been wanting to try on their pants.
Could you please measure the sleeve from collar center to end?  I think the sleeve is too short, but it looks like a slightly wider shoulder might make up for it.   Otherwise, this looks pretty great.
Get out while you still can.   I suppose I'd have to recommend these guys.  From Nakano you can get there easily.    Ishikura-san can help you.  I have her email address, so you can even start your request before you show up.   Really, you'll end up with a great suit for under 4 man.
I can definitely recommend Ginza Tailor Fukuoka in Kichijoji.   Also, in Shinjuku, where they are prepared to speak English.  I just got 6 shirts and a blazer.  Have had several other things made over the years.     I'm also a fan of F-1.  My tastes prefer GTF shirts, but usually F-1 jackets.  Only the fit - both are awesome quality and well above anything I've tried on at stores even at double the price.  
Very bummed.  I'll be in PA.  I've really been wanting to check out their ties, and get fitted for a polo.  I've got three and will get more.  Would like to get the sleeves on the long sleeve fitted.   Anyway, I might see them Friday before I leave town if possible.
First of all: I was in Japan and ordered while I was there.  They won't do mail-order.  I was refused the first time I asked, but I went back and the old owner recognized me (I lived in Tokyo for 6 years and bought 9 tailored items and at least 4 shirts from them) so he was confident that they'd 'get it right' and the order would be successful.     It was.     Why am I showing this?  Here's the business model: they have many small 'kiosk' to 'store' size shops with...
I have a Citiz and it's failing me.  Water flows around the capsule and it doesn't puncture with the waffle press area.   Did some searches, and regardless of de-scaling and air-bubble 'advice' I'm pretty sure it's a stuck-open pressure release valve.  
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