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Any chance you know when the next round of trousers is going online?  
What does unstructured mean for blazers? Uncanvased? Should it be avoided, or is it good for summer weight clothing?   Size down at least a full size for Carminas, and I know they're a little bit more expensive than your budget but they're beautiful. 
I don't know the return cost, but I've been able to size shoes remarkably well just by talking with the staff there- they're been super helpful.
Is that really ostrich? Doesn't look like any of the ostrich I've seen on here before...
Out of curiosity, my jackets (size 36 usually) measure 17.5" across the shoulders. Should I still be going for the 15.5" hangers? Seems a little weird to me, but I'll trust this forum...
They can shorten from the shoulder if buttonholes are already cut. 
Thanks much Despos- I assume all of these are relatively fixable? jacket wise, at least.  
    If this thread is still running... I'm looking for opinions on the fit. Obviously. the jacket sleeves are not finished yet, and to me it looks like there's a weird neck-thing going on, and the back needs to be slimmed a bit. But I'm not a professional- are these things fixable?
It's not the button thread fraying, but the edge of the shirt material- the placket is folded twice post buttons, and at the very end (the edge of the fabric) is where it's fraying. I'm fine with it, as I don't think it compromises the shirt, and the fit/ image is phenomenal.    Thanks for the notification on the button- did not know that, now do.   Many thanks.
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