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Guys, a quick heads up about The Home T. It's a simplistic t-shirt that's helping raise money for multiple sclerosis research.   The first shirt available is for New York and it can be seen here, Shirts for California, Ohio and Texas will be available around Wednesday of next week.   The T won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a cool design that a lot of folks have enjoyed thus far.   Thanks for taking a...
Thought I'd share this new pair of shoes picked up at Cole Haan. Great look, and as always, their shoes are very comfortable.       A couple additional shots on the blog if you'd like to see more.   Great pair of shoes that you'd probably like a lot.
First off (mods), I hope it's OK to post this here.   I run the fashion blog Fashables on the side, and we've previously published a Fall Trend Report, but it only featured content from female fashion bloggers.   I'd like to create a Winter Trend Report, but for this go round I'd like it to feature both men's and women's trends.   If you have an eye for style and are interested in possibly helping out with this (it's very easy) feel free to shoot me a private...
Happy New Year to you.   I wrote a post on Fashables explaining the title of this thread. I've copied the post below for you to read, and it would be interesting to get your feedback. If you'd like to read some of the reaction you can do so here, Feel free to chime in here as well.      
Yes, I'll try to take a snap over the weekend. Unfortunately this jacket is from last year, so you won't be able to get it now. And even then, it wasn't on the BR site. For some reason they only put a small portion of the Monogram collection on their site - maybe it's an in store exclusive thing.  
Never did I say I bought the coat for compliments. Don't go getting all therapist on me and try to read between the lines that aren't there. :)   Coat was bought. Compliments came in. It's very interesting that guys make so many negative statements about an honest account of compliments. But then again, I don't really feel compelled to qualify them either.   Feel free to post a photo of you in your most complimented coat. :)  
Thank you.
  Better than a discount. It's the "completely made up and pulled out of thin air" price. And if you act now, I'll go take a photo of some random person in Times Square and throw that shot in for absolutely free. But that's a limited time offer.   Maybe while I'm out taking that shot, someone else will compliment my jacket.
    Thanks for the tips. In that case, the person that wanted to print my avatar, I'll give it to you at a styleforum discount - $4.95 per print.
Looks like I just received my newbie warm welcome.   For those asking about who is doing the complimenting, it's a wide variety of people (men / women / variety of age ranges). It's perfectly OK if you don't like the coat. I'm just sharing the coat, and the fact that it's received a ton of compliments.     That may be one of the most ignorant statements I've read in a while. Sorry you had to take it there, and that you've just labeled your friends as being... well, never...
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