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I thought it was reminiscent of a Ford Orion ( then again my eyes are buggered these days )  they do look like a couple of Ken Dodds as well ! Those staprest are very like the Relco ones  i had years ago - not as tapered near the hem - and they were shite too :(
I must admit i haven't came across the Loakes' brogue with a different sole as you mention , i have a pair of Royals with the leather sole , quarter -tipped and they're not the most comfortable shoe to walk any distance in ! I'm intrigued to see whether they are available in the UK .
There are discussions on forums in the U.K about the differing meanings of coloured laces in boots  as you suggest occurs in the U.S - none of which means anything to me as i always have black laces in all of my boots , and i also blacken the yellow stitching on my Made in England DM's - i'm not a fan at all of brand new , yellow-laced , yellow stitched DM's , i try and wear them in as quickly as possible , polishing them frantically every day to get rid of that "stiff...
Agreed , great tune and brilliant pics as well - takes me back a bit
Got to agree with you on the BS shirt thing , the modern ,churned out styles are totally inferior to BS of old , i do have a few Gant shirts and have to say the quality and fit are  superb - i'll dig out my Polaroid camera :D and whack up a few snaps soon .
As we in the North East of England would say " You jammy git !"That's a stunning find , and at that price the bargain of the century , well done fella :D
I find that Ben Shermans from yesteryear are far better and a lot less "mass-produced" than the stuff they're churning out now , it's just a hard job sourcing the original designs , especially the larger windowpane checks - for sure the likes of Mikkel Rude , Britac and Jump the Gun do a decent variety of nice checked shirts - it also seems to me that Barracuta Harringtons don't seem to mentioned or worn by many skinheads these days ,up North where i'm from anyway , i...
I have to say I do like that track - i checked out the vinyl releases on Discogs and their back catalogue on 7" are reasonably priced - so much so I bought a couple of singles ! Many thanks for the heads up, i'd never heard of Honey Cone till now :)
Thanks for the feedback , i thought that their were limited styles in the MR range , think i'll take a punt and get one - call it an early Xmas present to myself :P
I've been thinking about trying the Mikkel Rude shirts for quite a while now , i have lots and lots of BS's and a few Britac shirts (which are quite snug on my portly frame )  - i wondered if anyone else has bought the MR shirts and what the general consensus is of them.
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