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Agreed , Slade were a manufactured skinhead band because skinhead was popular at that time so their managers thought it would be a marketing gimmick , exactly the same as what happened to The Who , who were never Mods !
The geezer in the bottom picture is a ringer for david Beckham...cool pics though , the cash pocket is a nice little addition !
A real shame you didn't stick at it mate , but as you say , you were young . I used to get my trousers tailored when i was a teen at a great place in Newcastle , reasonably priced at the time ( 1983 - '84 ) G.S Tailoring on Shields Road . 25 nicker , couldn't afford a full suit alas I have just bought an "off the peg " Tonik suit from Adam's of London as i STILL can't afford to get one tailored and was wondering if anyone on the forum have had any before and wether...
I've followed the posts in this section for some time now and thought it about time i made an introduction , name's Sean from Tyneside (North East England ) and have been into the skinhead lifestyle since about '81 after being introduced to 2 Tone whilst still at school . I've had plenty scooters in my youth and between us (the missus that is ) we have 3 now . My fiance is a traditional skinhead too , feather cut hair do and a love of all things skinhead -music and...
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