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Thanks CYstyle. I knew I needed a pair or two. I'll probably buy sand and gray.
I've got like 15 pairs of sneakers.    
Thanks :) I'll check out the sales immediately. 
By the way, what is the "BB sale"?
Thanks! I'll check them out now.   ...  
The boots, "Gares" by Aldo, are sold in a rough, tattered state. I have conditioner and polish. Guess I'll apply some to them.
A little something :p
Hey y'all. I'm new here. Thank for taking the time to view my thread. I'm a 16 year old high school student from New York, and I'm finally starting to pay attention to how I dress. I'm very happy I found this website; I'll learn a lot from it. I've been wearing these three pairs of shoes on a rotating basis. I'm willing to scrap the wingtips and the slip-ons.       My spending limit on a pair of shoes falls within the 150-200 range. Is what I have okay? I...
I'm sorry, but can someone please explain to me what CB and WAYWRN or any other acronyms mean? I'm new to "style" and I feel like I'll understand this thread better if I knew what they meant.
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