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    Yeah, it is the Billykirk; and I did order it from J. Crew.
What I wore to school today. Just got the bag yesterday. :)    
I personally find myself drifting toward the Billykirk Shoolboy Satchel. However, everyone I ask prefers the Montague Leather Satchel. So I've decided to come to people who know about style.   The Billykirk Schoolboy Satchel    $365       The Montague Leather Satchel             $298       Please help me decide. I'm trying to purchase one tonight. I'm a student in high school (if that helps at all).
Is it appropriate to wear black loafers with colored socks?
Love the coat sir! Just bought one for myself at Banana Republic :)  
A little something. My first post here.  
I'm looking for a pair of casual shoes to wear to school. I've already bought the Clark's beeswax and said earlier that I'd get the dark brown with them, but I saw this nice pair of monk strap suedes. I thought I'd ask for some verification before I bought anything. That being said:   or
I think I'm going to settle for the dark brown and beeswax Clark's Desert Boots. 
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