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Me today.Trying my best, and making do with what I have.   
  Delancey Street? Williamsburg Bridge in the background?
Me today.    
I'm on the far right.   
Lol, I have pants. I just want to start completely over. Epaulet, as it appears here, is a quality company and I eventually want to get around to replacing all of my chinos with theirs. 
For all you frequent Epauletters, for someone owning zero pairs of pants, which ones (as in style/color) would you suppose one should buy first?    You can name more than one.
Whoa! Slow your roll pal!
Thanks everyone. I just got home from the Bass store. I bought brown.
Thanks for your reply. I plan on wearing them to school. I'm in high school. I'd wear them with a variety of differently colored slim chinos and jeans - rocking my socks.
Howdy. Thanks for stopping by.    I'm purchasing Bass Weejuns today and I would like to buy a pair that is for everyday wear. Should I get them in black brown, or burgundy?
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