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Is that appropriate? Or should I stick to the boring ol' black tux?
I have the Billykirk Schoolboy Satchel. Is there any way to get the leather flaps to lay flat again? Will a professional be able to take care of this?          
  Ehh. Late at night and glare from the lights. I tried. 
This made me LOL.
Heya. I'm going to be a high school senior this September and I"m doing some back-to-school shopping. I was in the Allen Edmonds discount store yesterday and I had trouble deciding which shoe to purchase. Which shoe is more versatile? Which can be more eaily dressed up or down?   Thanks in advance, guys. I really appreciate your help.          
I forgot to include that it's a 42 R. I tried on a 40 R and I feel like it fit better, but the sleeves were a bit short.   I really need some guidance here. Thanks.
Just got this today. Is it okay? How should I have it altered by a taylor? It personally looks a bit too big on me. But I'm new to this, so what do I know?          
I'm looking to find a pair of brown wingtip bluchers, preferably costing more than $100 and less than $300. However, I am very willing to spend more if need be.    Allen Edmonds' Player's shoe was on sale for $219 the other day, but as I went to buy it this morning, it was no longer available.    Also, would you know of any websites that have frequent sales on shoes, or point you to where one can purchase a shoe at a deal price?   Thanks a lot. I appreciate...
Thanks Casey. It's actually a good haircut, but a few weeks ago, six perhaps, I went to a local barber because I couldn't make it out to the salon I usually get it cut at. The barber there pushed my hairline back a good centimeter. As a result, I've been trying to cover it up as cleverly as possible. Prior to that, I rolled with the Ivy League combed to the side. It's going to take forever for it to grow back. Sigh.
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