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Decided on Grenson Stanleys. 
 Don't think the McTavish is casual enough. Not a JM fan, unfortunately.
Hi, everyone. Thanks for stopping by.   I'm looking for a new pair. My budget is 200-300. But if they're reeeally a must get, I can push to 350. I wear a size 11.5 regularly, but please do not forget to let me know if I should go up or down a half size to accommodate for different shoe makes.   Should be something I can wear almost daily. I'm a college student who needs a casual shoe. Nothing too dressy.   I haven't bought new shoes in a very long time. I'm really...
I think this is my third post here. :D  
I was going for a "Great Gatsby" kind of look. Straight up classic. 
Can anyone please provide a real answer?
What do you guys say? Kick it old school to the prom or go modern?
Alright. Black tux it is. :D
Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. I know I "can" wear it. But is it a bad thing to do? Would I be laughed at? Would I look like a fool?
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