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Thanks for the response! I'll try sizing down to a 36 or 38 and seeing how it fits. With the 25% off code I should be able to get a decent vintage coat and have it tailored for less than $250.   Cheers!
I recently ordered a 1968 kersey wool pea coat from Vintage Trends, after hearing much praise for the history and quality of the garment etc etc. At 5' 11" and a medium, athletic build (suit size 40R), I ordered a coat with the following measurements:   Chest: 40 Arm: 37 Length: 35   Annnnnnd it fit terribly. The chest was loose, length was about an inch too long, arm sleeves were positioned so that I had a LOT of bunching if I lifted my arm to be...
I feel like this has been asked before, but I searched and couldn't find anything... I'm looking for a pair of jeans that are like the Weird Guys but with a looser seat and a tighter knee/calf (taper). Something that fits like a Levi's 511. Any ideas?   Edit: I also really like the fit of Levi's Vintage 605s, although I could do with something a little looser.
Doing an hour of cardio and 20 mins of machines every day seems excessive to me. Perhaps the shoulder injury occurred because you were fatigued from all of the cardio you had been doing beforehand... Have you heard of/considered giving something like Primal Blueprint Fitness a shot? It's oriented towards much more functional strength-training movements than you would find with machines. Even if you aren't interested in the program, it's worth looking at his methodology...
Paleo/Primal 4 life
  Kings Canyon was my favorite National Park in CA, by far. Highly recommended.
Sounds like a movie! Interesting having a glimpse into the world of tailoring.   Glad I stumbled upon this thread. I'm going to give Alterations Paul a shot this weekend.
Picked up this fully canvassed Edwin Nazario blazer today. From what I've read, he's a designer out of Toronto that has done some work with Armani, handmakes suits in Italy, and sells via Holt Renfrew. Could anyone tell me a bit more about it? I'm a bit new to the thrifting game.          
Thanks for the response. I've actually got some Weird Guys in a 33 that I hemmed a couple weeks ago. They're a bit tight in the thigh, but it's likely that I just haven't worn them enough to stretch 'em. I'll look into the JB 400-cut. Thanks again!
Hey guys, I'm having trouble finding tapered jeans (and pants in general) that fit my thighs. Over the last couple years, I've had to give up wearing almost all of my more expensive denim due to growth in leg muscle and the resulting discomfort while walking/sitting/going up stairs/etc. I have a pair of Analog Creeper Fit jeans that fit pretty well, though, so I took the measurements from them in hopes that someone will recommend denim/pants that are similar in cut. The...
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