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I bought my girlfriend Uggs. Guess what else? My mom bought me a pair. I wear them out of the house. I am a man, in uggs. I like them, they are warm and comfortable and I like the way they look with dark jeans. Judge away. I even own a pair of crocs, they're pretty damn comfortable too. I will say this, they look much better on skinny girls. Big girls with uggs kind of remind me of giant horse feet.
38 is the biggest pair I've ever bought. Normally I'm a 36, but the calves and thighs of the 36 are way too small. 38 is a touch big at the waist but perfect everywhere else. The shop guy told me to focus on calves, thighs and butt and forget the waist sizes. Let's hope he's right... EDIT:: I got the Super Black Boot Cuts in case anyone's interested.
Thanks - support your non-local Japanese denim producer
A few weeks ago I went down to Hinoya in Ueno to try on some Iron Hearts and SugarCanes. Unfortunately, I didn't fall in love with any of the SCs but I did fall heavy for the Iron Heart Super Blacks. Hinoya only had a size 36 and I couldn't even get them over my thighs. I knew from SelfEdge that they made at least a 38 but all the clerks assured me that 36 was the largest. I came home, checked Iron Heart's Japanese webpage and found 38 AND 40 on Rakuten. I called...
Is Azabu tailor really that cheap? 36,000 for a MTM suit? I was thinking of having some pants made abroad and sending over my measurements but maybe Azabu can help me out.
Quote: Originally Posted by turbozed Take a train out to Tsukiji fish market and find a place called Dai-wa. Go in the morning, you'll see a big line outside. It's worth the wait. Best sushis you'll find anywhere. Daiwa isn't bad, but if you can afford the better stuff you should give it a try, at least once. Right by Daiwa is a place called Sushi Dai, they are pretty much equal in quality/price/options. Zanmai sushi (a few locations near...
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 If the firm's lawyers do not make court appearances and client's do not visit in person...its very likely the firm has a horrendous business casual dress code. Horrendous is correct, you should see what some of the foreign lawyers wear on a daily basis here. I, unfortunately, am part of the problem but I'm trying to slowly correct it.
Good luck on the Ebay BIN. What can one do if a SF'er rips you off? I helped a guy out quite some time ago with some Japanese cigarettes and was never compensated and all emails/PMs have been ignored.
Thanks Bic, think any of them would be a good choice for more casual Oxfords or just dress shirts?
Thanks for the detailed advice. I don't think I want to go about buying clothes on installments, that doesn't seem that financially responsible especially because I won't need any more suits for another 5 years (just in time to pay them off!) and Bic, you're correct. It's very difficult to buy off the rack here. I've tried Japanese brands and I usually can't get my arms into the jacket sleeves. I'm moderately muscular by Western standards which translates into...
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