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Had to pay a 14.6% ($77)  duty on my package (shipped from Japan to US). It was a leather jacket, but the description on the customs form was only 'clothes'. My package wasn't opened for inspection so I'm guessing they chose a random duty rate from the clothing section of this book (http://hts.usitc.gov/). So I guess a word of warning to anyone using a proxy: if you declare full value on a package, make sure the proxy is specific with what's in the package. Otherwise, a...
Milk Geo from Stag. Took close to a month to get to me from Japan, but definitely worth the wait.  
I know leathers from naska (ss12) and mountain (fw12) fit a size smaller than tagged. Not sure if non-leather outerwear follows similar patterns.
Depends. What season?
Any idea what that rick croc jacket cost compared to the mollino one? The mollino is ~50K on ssense right now.
Looking for RO blazers, color black, size 52 (newer seasons) or size L (older seasons). I am not interested in his cropped blazers. Also looking for black Mollino, Bauhaus in size 52 or size L Lastly, looking for black shorts (basket or pod shorts) or pants in size 50/52 or L/XL Shoot me a PM and we can go from there.
My package from Japan cleared customs just now. Took 17 days. I guess your package will clear customs eventually.
some people have a wheat allergy caused by it and it's especially horrible for people with celiac disease. 
I'm guessing DHL uses their own customs broker so they can avoid situations like this. 
No update. I'm going to my post office tomorrow to see what they can do and I've also asked FromJapan to initiate a trace on their end. It's been a little over 2 weeks in customs for me now.
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