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 If the occasion is nice enough to require a coat, then you leave it on for the entire event.   As my grandma (the queen of etiquette, at least in my book) always said "A gentleman never removes his coat".   I have fond memories of being at family wedding in the middle of summer and siting around a table with my uncles jokeing about who would passout first from the heat. They said atleast if we passed out, we would look good doing it and Grandma would be proud.
Looks a little silly. That pocket should trot be there. To make it worst, you can see they wore it as a 3 roll 2 and you have it buttoned up to 3. But I think you are better off returning it. Coold ideal thought. It just didn't quite work out.
    Wow, that trials jacket is awesome! Details? Also, it looks like some are your trousers are a little loose for my taste, but that might be your style. Over all great looks. I like seeing people pull off white jeans in the fall/winter.  
First, I would say hold on to your wardrobe to start. You might have some usable pieces. Like was suggested before, take a look at the to links listed by Nelton for this message board. If you see a look you like, take a look in your closet and see what you have that is similar. If they are wearing a sport coat over a sweater over a button down collar shirt, look in your closet for those same items (don't worry about the color or material to start, but don't leave the...
  You know, that is actually a really good point that no one brings up. If you are going to try something outlandish you really need to have at least an average body ( I would say primarily a slim wist line) to be able to pull things like this off well. It may still be possible with a big gut, but it is alot less likely to be taken seriously. But if your confidence is big enough just about anyone might be able to pull of an outlandish look.
As long as you are wearing it in the right season you should do it. Like others have said, if you have the confidence, people will say that and think you are stylish, if you have no confidence, they will think you are oblivious to style.    First off, the shirt has to be perfectly tailored as Hawaiian shirts are notoriously cut way too large. Second, the shorts are going to make it really hard to pull off correctly. I think some slim chino's or linen pants would be...
  I thought that was the case, but I am glad you clarified. Considering a DJ was mentioned its good to know the plan wasn't for just the members to be dancing together, although I guess that could be the case if SF (the city ).
+1 or if you have time Brooks Brothers sales shirts dip below $50 and are about as good as you are going to get.  
The body length looks good. It is hard to tell from the picture but it looks like the sleve are too long by an inch maybe 2. Its hard to tell what is going on in the picture.
The wife and I will be there. It will be nice to meet those attending.
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