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took the words right out of my mouth, gahhh
the wingtip is kind of a shoe mullet to me, like crepe soles on dress boots/shoes.
  I've wanted this belt since they teased it, maybe I'll have to cave soon...
I honestly thought you were joking with the scratch and sniff denim, unreal.    some people really hate on N+F for being so experimental, but they're the only guys doing creative weird shit like this.
the first picture looks a whole lot worse than the second, I'd say hit them with a decent leather conditioner then wear 'em a couple weeks and see if anything worsens/improves.
  just spot treat them! there's no sense in wrecking your jeans over some spots.
I'll +1 on Naked and Famous, I've met the owner a few times and he bragged to 6'5" me that most brands don't do anything higher than 34" inseam but he does 36.5" on most of his.    I can also verify that their jeans fit great on the length.
best: woolrich woolen mills x Inventory - Woody shirt (perfect inbetween layer, heavy enough to wear as a jacket on some days, thin enough to wear under another jacket on others) uniform wares 151 watch in rose gold/brown   worst...  probably anything throwaway-cheap I bought from H&M.
anyone have an opinion regarding whether I'm SOL on Left Field chinos? I'm 6'5", so pants are always kind of a dicey purchase for me.
My pair are the beeswax leather ones, they get a really nice patina when you break them in, I'd pick them any day over timbs.
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