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Lose the shoulder pleats, they're pointless. Shoulder's slightly too wide. Also, adjust for sloping shoulders. Sleeves may be a tad wide as well, and too long—but only slightly. You want the bottom of the cuff to drop to your top thumb knuckle when unbuttoned. Most people get their sleeves too short, in my opinion, because they're used to RTW. Cuffs are too loose. I have my cuff measurement 1" bigger than my wrist circumference. Body fit looks okay, although if you want it...
Sorry, mate. Can't help you. All of these are from a number of years ago. Don't really keep track of Tom Ford myself, so don't know what's available today. If you've got money for a Tom Ford suit, you should consider going MTM. It's a lot more hassle, but the quality is the same/better and, of course, you can specify exactly what you want.
           You get the point.
Well it could be both problems, not just either one. Altering the shirts would not be an option in this case. Identifying the problems would mean doing what most of us do on here: trying on a lot of different sizes; reading a lot about proper clothing fit; familiarising yourself with the tape measure and the measuring process. In other words, trial and error, and a lot of analysing.
Your mum should have taught you this.
Yes. If you're confident you can pull a certain item off, by all means wear. Otherwise, if you're having doubts, avoid.
All looks very sensible, in a good way. Jeans fit is particularly nice—not too short like most. Have you considered a higher collar? Might fill up your neck a bit.
Didn't know old Ralph was in the Legion of Honour.
I'm no mod, but it's best to post in the Luxire thread, or simply email them.   When I've posted stuff to Luxire, I just went to the Post Office.
Indeed.However, it's hard not get caught up in this way of thinking when you're passionate about something. For what it's worth, I've never owned a pair of double monks, nor do I claim to have discovered them pre-trend. To add a bit more to the original question, I think double monks can be worn convincingly by Butler-level dressers—those whose credibility you'd never question. But for mere mortals, it's advisable to avoid such items so as not to appear to be trend-hopping.
New Posts  All Forums: