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When will this look return? For those sick to death of the tapered look and that god-awful Italian stuff, I present the fabulous '70s (and post-'70s). Not 'recent' obviously, but I figured here's as good a thread as any.   Subtle flair, sensible break, slanted hems   Beautiful cut, beautiful drape   Almost no taper from knee to hem   The trousers   Delon's wardrobe in this film is...
Does anyone else experience problems raising their arms etc. in their Luxire shirts? I'll perhaps go into this in more detail at a later date, but it's pretty much the same problem described here. I have a Luxire shirt down now that looks very close to perfect—that is, it most closely resembles what I understand to be a perfect fit from the time I've spent studying photos etc. of bespoke shirts. However, my movement in the shirt is quite restricted. I can reach my arms out...
I really hope Luxire address this. I've been wondering why my RTWs fit so much better, when the measurements are so close to my Luxires.
This is troubling. 
All looks very good to me. The rise is fine, but I wouldn't go any higher for your proportions, and you could go lower if you want to. This is a lesson I've learned from my recent order. You're quite skinny and tall, as am I, and I've realised that a high rise simply does not work for those proportions, especially if the trousers are a slim cut. Further on the trousers, do you feel like the hips and seat are fitted enough? Looks like you could go just a fraction snugger,...
I kind of feel this way too. After four orders and fourteen garments, I'm only so much closer to pieces that are actually wearable, and still very far from perfection. I recognise that trial and error is the nature of MTM and, to be fair, the vast majority of the blame is my own, but there is that small margin of blame for Luxire. What I'm referring to are the little mistakes and oversights in construction that regrettably turn up on each order, and sometimes make you feel...
Can't speak to the performance of the shirt, as I've only just got it. It's fairly lightweight, but still feels substantial and cotton rich. It wrinkles like any shirt, but not overly so. But in terms of colour and texture, it's the ideal everyday blue shirt.
I've got the Grandi & Rubinelli Pale Blue End On End, which couldn't be more perfect in my opinion. If I could only have one shirt from Luxire, that would be it.
 I've never noticed this on my trousers. Wouldn't it have to do with the ratio between the 'half hip' measurement and 'hip front' measurement, i.e. the crotch versus the seat? Could the bulk at the front be reduced by reducing the 'hip front' measurement?
John Smedley Cleves slim-fit crew-neck jumper in Espresso, size medium. Extra fine New Zealand Merino knitwear made in England. Has been worn a few times, but John Smedley jumpers barely diminish in quality. Condition is therefore very good or like new.   Shoulder (seam to seam): 14.125" Chest (pit to pit): 20.5" Sleeve (shoulder seam to cuff): 26.25" Back length: 26.375"   Free shipping in the UK. £10 shipping outside the UK.
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