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We live in the possibility of dressing and moving like Bond don't we? But it would be really nice to have all those custom suits for free though!
I like the ones from you can look it up maybe you'll find something to your liking.
A fad in my opinion. there's nothing like wearing the classic cardigans and you wouldn't have to think twice about what to pair it with.
I think SF is a great community, very helpful and very relevant . Newbies are welcome to have inputs themselves but the search tool isquite useful as well. Overall, as long as people are interested in fashion and need ideas for their personal style, SF will continue for along long time.
I'll add what you should not wear during for the interview, all black ensemble - coupled with a somber mood!
It may look "trendy" but he carried it off really well because of his built. But a slim or more tapered cut can flatter an average physique as long as the suit's materials are of great quality so it naturally follows your body's silhouette.
Between Smyth & Gibson and Zegna, I'd go for Zegna as their shirts are of better quality.
As for me, I think the jacket is just long but other than that - it looks fine.
  I think this is fine for a wedding since the pinstripes are hardly noticeable.
I'd suggest just a bit of padding to keep the blazer's structure with a more tapered waist, other than that it looks fine.
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