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 Is it just me or does yer man on the right have an enormous head?
 Acorn sell MOP buttons now, no idea what they're like http://www.acornfabrics.com/index.php?route=product/search&filter_name=pearl
 Highly recommended:  http://www.schneiderknopf.de/
  Fair point, my heart lies with those who may not know. 
 Did you come down the Hudson in the last shower?  Well known that bloggers like Crompton et al. or indeed most folk with an online presence e.g. London Lounge are to quote Maggie 'On the make and on the take'.  If you think its any different there's no hope for you.
Well if its made in Italy its most likely to be Maglia http://www.ombrellimaglia.it/, though there could be other volume umbrella makers left in Italy that aren't online.
 Is the coat lined with hot water bottles or something!  I do not think Continental European winters with a steady dry cold are directly comparable to the rain and damp in Ireland and Great Britain, but ultimately it's down to the individual.  If you know the weight of tweed you're wearing and you're OK with it then that's your question answered.
 I do, in Ireland that's pretty much a 3-season weight, I don't find it uncomfortable, but things like not wearing an undershirt have a huge impact on hot you feel when wearing it.  Its down to where you live as well, a temperate maritime climate such as on the north coasts of Spain or Ireland or the UK can from thermometer look a lot warmer than they feel.  I've known a lot of people experiencing cold they're unused to at 6C or 8C here when they can handle -20C on the...
 There's a couple of cloth jobbers on ebay.co.uk that do cut lengths of cashmere, some will be up in the 400g range but you'll have little choice in terms of colour etc.  Check it out though you might find something you like.
  Well you never know, but its likely the name is being used by one of the big owners of textile firms that bought them all out.
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