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  On mohair, anyone know of a proxy for Bateman & Ogden?
Anyone know when the next viccel sale is?
 What is your budget?  If you know your size in Hackett then keep an eye on ebay, stuff comes up all the time.
 Bloody hard to find on a cut length basis though.
 Didn't know they did tailoring canvasses, but I thought they didn't sell direct or online?  Kenton Trimmings and Bernstein & Banley sell the widest range of tailoring canvasses and interlinings/pocketings selvyt etc that I've seen online.  Kenton tend to be cheaper too.   http://www.kentontrimmings.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=82 http://www.theliningcompany.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=33&osCsid=xdatidpqmoiv
Thats £59/metre incl. VAT, you'll hardly get it cheaper than that anywhere.  Get it shipped outside of the EU and you'll get the VAT off too.
 Course they do, particularly Alfred Brown as they're the last real volume weavers in the UK afaik, they can weave a few kilometres of cloth per week, to do that you have to cater to the mass-market.
Warning there is an enormous American charlatan in the above picture.
 Tissue does not mean 'tessuto' in English.  The correct term for this type of cloth is a 'double-sided' cloth.  You are going to have the fancy or patterned side made up and the lapels the plain side.
 Ah cheers, it was hard to pass alright.  Esposito isn't too dear either, linen is E30/m and all their cottons are E25, if you were buying on a  visit from outside the EU you'd get your VAT back too.  You know I thought it would be a bit of trudge to get them all in but to be honest I'd have to say it was a blessed relief delight to get away from plodding around a ruin all day, or another flipping church.  Everyone I dealt with was a gent,  Patrizio Cappelli is top boy of...
New Posts  All Forums: