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Another question for you.  What are the features on the bespoke trousers worth mentioning and looking for?  Is there anything in particular to ask for or to look for?
Could you try Mercer to see if they'd make them up for you?
While we're on the subject, did anyone on SF ever find of someone making a 'giacche camicie' as well?
  The 9.86oz is just from dividing the metric figure by the imperial, 1oz=28.375g Suitings are most often quoted by linear metre so I multiplied by 140gsm by 1.5 to convert gsm (grams per squared metre) to the equivalent linear figure. Having done it again, I realise there's a typo and it should be 210gm/m or 7.4oz.
 Much appreciated.  Love the new collection btw.
 Any reason you didn't go back to Merolla? I've gone to Lombardi and Fluido myself so far.  I had decent experiences with them both in terms of fit, turn-around etc. but I will be going back to update fit and to insist on non-fused collars.I prefer a hard non-fused collar, as opposed to others, and the fused ones in my experience have bubbled or become unsightly long before my non-fused ones have started to look tatty. I may go to Piccolo and/or Merolla this time as well,...
 Have you ordered one?
 Specs on the range are 140gsm and a usable width of 142cm. 140gsm is 280 per linear metre for 150 width. Or 9.86oz.
Thanks to all and especially b1os and Marco for taking the time to write such detailed recommendations.  I shall have to reflect on them and see how much I can fit in.
 I'm stating that he does not design cloths at all.  The LL cloths are exactly the same as the weaving runs that have been organised by guys on here in the past.  Swatches are put up, one is picked, you pay up and there you go.
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