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do they do that for canadians too? Edit: mine snapped today and I just tied the ends together then shifted the lace so that when I tie it the knots overlap
bullshiet.......its essentially ele1 with a beige weft and cost more than the ele2s
do you guys think i can get the free replacement laces even though im in canada?
with all these shirting issues im surprised you guys still buy them....
  most certainly is.... lol its like purposely walking with a limp thinking you have swagger but you really look like sloppy   what if you were to soak the denim before sewing them? still unsanforized untreated goodness but sewn with the twist so you dont notice it
how do you eliminate leg twist on a pair of unsanforized? 
fuck hideous leg twist so fuck unsanforized =\   youre gonna soak unsanforized anyways so might as well get them sanforized so you dont have ugly leg twists.  i do understand that sanforizing and soaking isnt 100% the same and it might change the fabric differently hence what hes saying
says toronto under my name lol blueowl would still be cheaper and you can probably skip the tax and duties (Y)
lol brb higher prices, and you gotta pay taxes and shipping.  blueowl is much better
  check the HWDC thread on sufu, someones wearing them   yeah theyre only '20oz' but if its the same fabric as the ele1s as they say they are then its '19oz' but the the ele1s had issues with the weight and people said it only felt like 17oz.  so this is complete BS imo.   looks nothing special  
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