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Yes but sadly we still don't have a RRL store in Texas. I used to buy from Robert a member here but he has since gone on to other things so I no longer have a connection I trust.
If memory serves isn't this sale at least a 30% discount?
Does Robert know your pissing in his yard?
With temps in the teens in north Texas and six inches of solid ice everywhere I got to use my coldest weather RRL over the weekend. Even the expedition parka while running the Razr thru the neighborhood on Saturday...stylish goodtimes.
How and where does this work...was this a cyber Monday thing?
Is the blowout markdown still on the 27th?
 That's pumise stone and I have it in pocket of 2 of 3 RRL denim jeans I about the size of a nickel.
  Did anyone here get this limited shirt when available last year?
As stated earlier fitting is TTS except the sleeves which I could stow a holiday ham in. Tried it on in mirror again this morning to be sure...just looks weird so going back today. 
Today...but very disappointing as most did not get extra 25%.
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