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What's it going to be then, eh?
I thought the implication was badass. But I could be wrong. Otherwise he's talking nonsense.
Incarnation sizing already starts from mini, hirsh.
Sorry, but Stiches and Yohji just don't mix.
Kris Van Assche low-top sneakers, size 44   A little big for me, thus selling them. Worn not more than 7 times. Condition is very good.   Will post my pics soon.   These are low-top versions of this model:  
Those ethos have weird customer service. It takes them weeks to reply to one email (if you're lucky) or they just don't reply at all.
Consider it a compliment.
Work boot is also nothing like the previous work boot.
 Stanley, what are your thoughts on Manuel Ritz quality? Are you satisfied with it?
Old school Augusta was rad. Not crazy about this new stuff.
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