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Abraxis, I think it's a wrong choice of fit for your build/body type.
Haha! Good guess but wrong. Obviously. These are made by a Moscow designer whose project is called Grunge John Orchestra ))
any guesses?
On a serious note, it's so obvious for everyone that there is no racism in here. I am 100% sure that Moo is not a racist and nahneun is not a racist and they both know this about each other. As far as trolling is concerned, I would call it a draw. So, guys - shake hands and move on?
And not JUST white! Three black & white men! That's twice as more racist!
Racism? LOL!!!!! Where, show me! Please!
Think more abstract, gtranslator!
If you think about it, you are better off when everyone's against you, than when you're one of that everyone.
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