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 Thanks for enlightening me (no sarcasm here) but jet's initial comment (in response to which I posted by comment) was still stupid as well as offensive.
 I've been hunting this jacket for a long time and finally won it on yahoo Japan auction. The best blue denim jacket in the world. Junya Watanabe/Levi's  
You keep asking about stuff I sell and then you pretend you don't understand me.
Friend my english is bad. what you say to me?
No problem. In my next fit I'll wear a larger penis. Just the way you like it boy!
Then wear the hell out of them man ;)
I can't imagine you wearing those, benesyed. You are a dress pants man to me :)
Thanks! I posted it to show people around here how a sexy fashionz is done
Disagree :) Do I look like a nerd here?  
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