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 Not a fan of "total looks", Para! But I like it, nevertheless.
 Thanks Alex! My cobbler only does what I explicitly tell him to do
As my beloved white augustas are gone, there's a vacancy in my ankle boots game! What should I get instead - any suggestions? Layer 0, individual sentiments, MA+? I'm personally a big fan of Alexander TG's Layer 0's - great shape and very interesting color.
 Nr 1 and 3 look awesome!
 They were advertised for a short period of time and then I took them off the Internet due  to interest on the local market. They might appear on the net again though!
 Got this jacket yesterday - my CCP collection has doubled    
Jbravo's one lucky motherfucker - he's got a CCP blazer yo  
I'm still waiting for the delivery.
 Hey Sepp man! You should have gotten my bone augustas - they were freakin incredible. I gave them away just yesterday.
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