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 Since recently - Yes!
 That kinda sucks, but otherwise you are better off in the UK, trust me
 I received the goods in Russia where customs duties apply only if the value of the goods exceeds an equivalent of EUR 1000.
 I got them on Endclothing at approx. USD 350 due to VAT deduction and free shipping.
Yea, these are Qasa high triple black. Very comfy but a bit warm. So not the best option to wear in hot weather.
Benes, PM me and we'll work something out.
 Actually she is planning to start production of her line. For the time being she accepts a limited amount of accepts custom orders so if you want same kind of shorts PM me and I can ask her if she's prepared to make a pair for you. Cheers.
 Those shorts were made for me by my  wife based on the design I came up with. They're very comfy :)
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