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..... and all the pussy
 I've bought a dozen or more games and keep playing only two for over a year  now.
iamcybirg, are you and Damon Albarn twins or just sibligs?
 Thanks man. Gotta check these places out when I go to NYC in May. Cheers.
 I went to Ushiwakamaru which was pretty good - their o toro and uni were incredible, literally melted in mouth. Having said that, in half an hour I got hungry, while strolling around the nearby areas. Grabbed a slice of pizza at Joe's and a cannollo at Rocco's. Sushi never feels me up, no matter how many pieces I eat.
 StephenHero - thanks for the insight.   When I visited NYC last time, was planning to go to Lucali but missed it somehow. I did go to John's on Bleeker Street, Di Fara and Keste. John's was quite good - I had a simple cheese pizza which was really good: decent crust, decent sauce, decent cheese. Di Fara was ok but my expectations were so high that I was, honestly speaking, a little disappointed. I had anticipated something out of this world. Keste was typical Naples...
Let's revive this thread.  What's the best pizza as of today? Lucali's? Di Fara? Keste? John's on Bleeker Street?
Just watched the 1st episode. Seems very promising.
This was not the point I was trying to make. The point I was trying to make was that not always a fits gets a thumb because it's a good fit. Sometimes this happens merely because of the person behind the fit, even though the fit itself might not seem all that good to the thumb giver (what imo is not a good thing). One of the users even admitted doing that so there isn't even a room for arguing here.
 Hennree - what cardigan is it on your second picture?
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