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*****SOLD*****   Selling this beautiful Augusta blazer for cheap. Hit me up if interested.  
Alex, this looks so old fashioned in a good way. Reminds me of LP covers dated 60s-70s. And why a new band? What happened to your old band?
Yes, my wife made them for me, based on my design. The fabric is wool/cashmere with some silk.
Thank you, my friend. And yes, Vienna's indeed beautiful. I'm based in Bratislava presently, so will be going there every once in a while.
Thanks man! These are the new pants she made for me - cashmere/wool, with twisted seams and high rise.
New pants/Layer 0 combo shots  
Day trip to Vienna  
We can talk about it privately )
 How many CCP/augusta pairs have you got already? These ones look especially cool. Looking forward to seeing the pics later on  
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