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 And it's worth it, dude
I think every time someone compares Brad-t to Michael Jackson, poor Michael Jackson starts turning in his grave. Then he crawls out of it and starts dancing "Thriller".
 I'll probably pass. Not cool enough to pull them off
 I wonder why those carpes are so cheap? I've always thought that snake skin was expensive, let alone the brand. Probably they were made of a useless innoxious snake ;)
  For the record, I have thumbed several of your posts/fits, however you've NEVVA EVVA thumbed any of mine
 I liked your remark about 'original human feet'
 Would be funny if that guy turns out to be someone from this thread. Like eck or uzairh
Well done, man! You should have mentioned another defect too: a tear in the shoe exposing some funny metal object, also requiring a repair
 Believe it or not - I don't have an ebay account )  But I would go the other way around - offer him $ 8000
Well.....let him want
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