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I have to agree with you on this
Zxcvbn - deets plz. I could figure out Junya and Guidi but what is the rest?
 On nerdy Asian guys (as above) CCP looks laughable imo. But guys like Chiggah rock it real well. His fit pic (and especially the face expression) reminds me of some mean yakuza guys from Takashi Miike films.
I'm afraid the only person you'll embarrass here (and you've actually done that already) is you. I just tried to give you a tip but.....whatever!
 Hi Soprano 28, why would you post something like that here? Both the pieces and the combination can be described at best as "ordinary" and "uninteresting". It might be a good idea if you familiarize yourself with this thread first and see what people post here. You might find inspirations and post something better next time. Cheers.
 That sounds like a very interesting job!
 Psydle, what kind of job do you have? (unless you don't want to share this here, of course).
 Para, CCP is not for you. You ain't tall and slim enough. Your trust fund is at stake!
 I personally like that weird version of tornadoes. Not sure I would wear them though. I agree with sinnedk that they look gimmicky (where's Isanchenko btw?) but they are initially meant to be that way and worn as a part of gimmicky look. Some crazy ass apocalypse warrior with idontgivvafuk attitude would pull them off, while an insecure nerd (90% of those instagram teens posting their new CCP on daily basis) would look like shit in them. So it really depends who would...
^ Those were my pals. And now one of my own.  
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