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  I agree with you to certain extent but I also tend to disagree. It's all subject to the following. If classified wants to improve the way he dresses and this is his purpose of posting on this forum, then he should definitely listen to advice people are giving him here and try to change something. On the other hand, if he is 100% satisfied with the way he looks (and/or his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend loves this look and that's all that matters for him), and the sole reason...
Classified, if you like your fit, then keep it that way. In this case other people's opinions should not really matter.
If you absolutely have to wear them with this shirt, I would recommend at least rolling up the sleeves a bit.
 Hey man, too tight or not - the shorts/shirt combo looks horrible. If you really wanna keep and wear those shorts, try styling them with a relaxed slutty tee. On the current picture it looks like you came home from work an just took off your office suit and tie, while the dress shirt and underwear are still on you. Also, you look way to serious for that kind of outfit. You can't possibly look that serious while wearing those shorts, if you know what I mean.
No, that's actually my collection. Bdude took a picture when he was visiting me in Moscow.
 That white jacket looks awesome. Here a couple of other shots of pale CCP:    
Not feeling the baseball cap/sweater combo. I think the sweater is the problem - it should be replaced with something else.
I have to agree with you on this
Zxcvbn - deets plz. I could figure out Junya and Guidi but what is the rest?
 On nerdy Asian guys (as above) CCP looks laughable imo. But guys like Chiggah rock it real well. His fit pic (and especially the face expression) reminds me of some mean yakuza guys from Takashi Miike films.
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