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Don't size up on LUC farmer's jacket unless you want extremely boxy fit.
Yea, so many good fits, and not just these guys. Makes me wanna buy some new clothes.
I like kgfan's fit but have to agree with Frank about the sweater. With such jacket and pants (which are already rather colorful) the overly colorful screaming sweater is a bit too much, imo.
 Sinnedk, LUC (you are implying the farmer jacket, I assume) is very different aesthetic. So is A1923 (although from certain perspective some jackets look similar). I think the closest to PH aesthetic would be Bergfagel. Also pricey but considerably cheaper than PH.
Sinnedk, aren't you true 50-52?   Also, the biggest stock of PH I've ever seen, was in Harvey's (Berlin). More stuff than in IF. But again, paying retail price for this stuff is just insane (imo). And not because the jackets aren't good - they are very good. Prices aren't.
 Dunno about Vassili but both Mike and Andrew are smaller than Sinnedk so don't think their PH pieces would be of any use for the latter. Sinnedk - talk to bdude. You guys are the same size I think.
Jackets? Pants? Shoes are the most important as far as PH is concerned. Paul Harnden shoemakers! Not jacket maker or pants maker!        Seriously though, I truly dislike his shoes.
Abraxis, I think it's a wrong choice of fit for your build/body type.
Haha! Good guess but wrong. Obviously. These are made by a Moscow designer whose project is called Grunge John Orchestra ))
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