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Yes, my wife made them for me, based on my design. The fabric is wool/cashmere with some silk.
Thank you, my friend. And yes, Vienna's indeed beautiful. I'm based in Bratislava presently, so will be going there every once in a while.
Thanks man! These are the new pants she made for me - cashmere/wool, with twisted seams and high rise.
New pants/Layer 0 combo shots  
Day trip to Vienna  
We can talk about it privately )
 How many CCP/augusta pairs have you got already? These ones look especially cool. Looking forward to seeing the pics later on  
@sinnedk dude, what are these? The texture looks absolutely stunning! Post more pics plz.
My wife made them for me. Made of selvedge cotton. They are overdyed black so with wear they developed amazing blueuish fades.
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