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On a serious note, it's so obvious for everyone that there is no racism in here. I am 100% sure that Moo is not a racist and nahneun is not a racist and they both know this about each other. As far as trolling is concerned, I would call it a draw. So, guys - shake hands and move on?
And not JUST white! Three black & white men! That's twice as more racist!
Racism? LOL!!!!! Where, show me! Please!
Think more abstract, gtranslator!
If you think about it, you are better off when everyone's against you, than when you're one of that everyone.
 Chairs IS funny, true. But that's beside the point.
I've never witnessed him being mean or malicious towards anyone (unlike another poster). Mostly humorous. Some (of his) jokes are funny, some or not but I haven't seen many Richard Pryors or Louis CKs in this forum.
(@everyone concerned) please stop using this lame word "butthurt" or go see a fucking proctologist or something.
@FrankCowperwood nice fit! what are the jeans?
Good job man!
New Posts  All Forums: