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@DeadBoy - deets please?
  Fades on the jeans look really nice. Were those jeans raw and they faded with wear? What is the name of the model?
 What jacket is that - Eddie/anyone?
Looks great ^
 KK Attachment blazer. I just opened the package and it is fucking amazing. The material is awesome and so is the fit.    
Thanks Rage. I do wear this parka with tech pants a lot - Nike tech pants. The pants I am wearing in this pic though are kinda special for me as they were designed by me and made by my wife. I wear them both casually (with sneakers, etc) and also with smarter outfit paired with CCP boots or Guidis.
I was just kidding man - the sandwich looks divide )  I was never able to finish a sandwich at Katz's. I share it with my wife always.
 I prefer pastrami. But their 'smoked meat' does look a lot like pastrami (which is also smoked after being cured). Have you tired those?
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