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Berlin wall  
If a person is unable to take care of his hands he's surely unable to look after his shoes properly. So no surprise that this happened.
I like all of em
 You think so? Roomy top and skinny jeans look good together imo (not just here but in general).
 I missed Lucali twice in a row while being in NYC. And I was staying in Brooklyn! What a shame. During the 2nd part of my trip I lived right next to Motorino. I liked it but still prefer Keste when it comes to vera pizza Napoletana. Another good pizzeria I discovered in East Village is called Numero 28. They make those huge (1 meter) pizzas in a brick oven, nice thin crust and fresh toppings. The place is run by Italians so they know their job well. Grimaldi's was good...
great stuff. look forward to visiting your store when in la.
Raf Simons velcro, KVA - those come first to my mind.
Thanks a lot, but piss off please.
  Sorry for the poor quality picture.
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