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It's not a must but from my personal experience walking on a hard surface in vibrammed footwear is significantly more comfortable (let alone the sole protection purpose).
 I like his pants (slimmer cuts), his hoodies. I don't like his leather jackets (both the leather itself and design/fit) save one or two custom made ones pictures of which I've seen. I also like blazers from his previous collections. Newer blazer and coat models are too costumey (for my eye at least). Some things (again, for my eye) seem slightly over-designed. I am deliberately avoiding the subject re copying, borrowing, derivation, etc as this has been discussed so many...
Now I see where Zam's inspiration came from.
At first I thought you were talking about actual horse (the animal) lol.
A monster dog. Chihuahua. No, the jeans were Mauro Griffoni.
I've seen these white tornadoes in 3,14. Look great. Those red/yellow pieces are something my eye truly appreciates, though it's unlikely that I'd wear them.
No, I don't think so.
  I had these very KVA sneakers until my dog destroyed them. Fit pic of years ago: 
Bene - that jacket, zipped, looks awesome!
 This might not sound very modest but I think my CCP have the best fucking color in this world. Grey with blueish overtones.
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