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 I prefer pastrami. But their 'smoked meat' does look a lot like pastrami (which is also smoked after being cured). Have you tired those?
  Did you forget to tip the carver? They usually put in my sandwich at least twice as much meat
 I was in a NYC type deli myself today, which opened very recently ) Finally there's a place in the city that serves real pastrami. But I still envy you because there's nothing like Katz's Deli in the whole world.
 Summer is officially over in here    [[SPOILER]]
Fuuma ^ -  a provincial priest from an Italian neorealist flick.
 Since recently - Yes!
 That kinda sucks, but otherwise you are better off in the UK, trust me
 I received the goods in Russia where customs duties apply only if the value of the goods exceeds an equivalent of EUR 1000.
 I got them on Endclothing at approx. USD 350 due to VAT deduction and free shipping.
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