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X-post from the challenge thread  
I can see why many people might like them but I've seen too much of this style worn by neuveriche Russian kinds and kind of sick of seeing this again.
This movie was so 80s. Not necessarily in a bad way.
 Stitch, they're sold out everywhere. Try your luck next season
"Jose Arcadia did not dare leave the house for several days.It was enough for him to hear the rocking laughter of Pilar in the kitchen to run and take refuge in the laboratory, where the artifacts of alchemy had come alive again with Ursula's blessing. Jose Arcadia Buendia received his errant son with joy and initiated him in the search for the philosopher's stone, which he had finally undertaken. One afternoon the boys grew enthusiastic over the flying carpet that went...
Noob, you start with Casino Royale. After that it does not really matter if you follow the chronological order.
I don't expect it to be a masterpiece of modern literature but is it at least a decent page-turner?
double post
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