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It is already damaged. A good tailor can hide that damage applying a stitch on top of it.
 Landscape, Y3! That tear could be fixed by a tailor I'm sure.
 Those green boots look awesome. Green will match nicely with faded black, grey and indigo.
good shit orlais!
I recall that once you've suggested to me to get head tattoos. That's slightly more extravagant than a mullet hawk ain't it?
Hey Brad, what ever happened to your once 'best friend'.....what was his name? Liam / Lane?
Alexander, since you are here - how did you size your Beford Jacket? I really liked your fit pic in waywt. Wanna make  sure that my fit won't be something like this:  
Thanks MOK and canstyleace.
p2p is normally approximately 53 cm. I am M in Junya Watanabe and 50 in Rick Owens.
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