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 Cole, the 2nd and 2nd to last look nice. In the first picture: the blue shoes, over which you eventually chose the trainers, would match with your t-shirt much better.
 I think sneakers (high-top/low) but not that kind.
 Not liking the shoes, kgfan5.  Your other fit pictures are much better imo.
 New Ip Man movie - the Grandmaster. Disliked. A well made film per se, but not my cup of tea.
 I know, some clothes are like that and there's nothing you can do about it. Especially cotton and linen.
 I thought I was not gonna post fits again but....my next thought was: fuck it, why not? ;)    Zam Barrett/JNBY/OXS Rubber Soul    
 Speaking about Vietnam war relating movies, I think that all 3 aforementioned titles are great, Full Metal Jacket being my personal favourite. Deer Hunter is another masterpiece.
 Stitches, those pants definitely need ironing. Your socks are interesting as always :)
 Me and my homie  
 Guys, don't watch the new Deniro-Travolta flick called Killing Season. It's pure garbage.
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