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  Edwin Saturdays surf NYC Wolverine 1000 mile
This size is sold out EVERYWHERE!
Your age has nothing to do with this lol. An average person on SZ is middle aged. Faust himself is an old fart (even though some mistakenly take him for a kid due to his unusual height). So you should be fine. Just write to Faust, as bdude suggested.
Someone said CCP so let me share with you guys my ones (that I very recently purchased).  
@AlexanderTG on the first picture you look like Joe Cocker in his younger years. As for your metamorphosis - you did a great job! Way to go!
If not clowns like jet, brad-t and a couple of other assholes who constantly create hostility and cause conflicts - this forum would have been a better place.
It appears that the one and only source of knowledge of yours is Wikipedia. Also you are getting confused between the terms 'political correctness' and 'discrimination', you dumb ass.
Actually I like Seal's approach to conceptual fashion. Black with black and black a la SZ WAYWT got kinda boring.
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