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 Those green boots look awesome. Green will match nicely with faded black, grey and indigo.
good shit orlais!
I recall that once you've suggested to me to get head tattoos. That's slightly more extravagant than a mullet hawk ain't it?
Hey Brad, what ever happened to your once 'best friend'.....what was his name? Liam / Lane?
Alexander, since you are here - how did you size your Beford Jacket? I really liked your fit pic in waywt. Wanna make  sure that my fit won't be something like this:  
Thanks MOK and canstyleace.
p2p is normally approximately 53 cm. I am M in Junya Watanabe and 50 in Rick Owens.
Thanks. Never worn EG before. I'm medium in most brands.
Can anyone please advise on sizing of this particular model? Does it fit tts?  
 All right boss! Whatever you say!
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