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Eton, what is your shoe size?
 Jameister, the jacket looks awful but without that jacket your fit would have been pretty nice. The jeans are nice, the shoes look ok, and that shirt with rolled up sleeves and a white tee underneath would give that 50s rock n roll vibe, especially with that haircut you got.
 That's gotta be me, boss.
 Beneysed, the pants are lost & found resinated linen and the boots are masnada horse leather.
Back to spring, at least for a day.  
 Re-porter.ca got some good stuff at 25% discount. Different sizes. I wish these old school augustas were my size:  
 Finished the Boardwalk Empire, the Homeland and now I'm in the middle of the 4th season of the Wire.
  Surprisingly I received my order very fast. In 5 days, to be specific. Normally it takes approximately 15 days.
Who the fuck is this asshole?
 Looks very European (reminds me of Barcelona or Rome) and I like it.
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