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He did have dna jeans in aubergine/bordeaux, as well as military green as far as I remember. His clientele mostly demands black so it's obvious why most of his offerings are in this color. I do think though, that he could do a custom order in any color or any material.
John's on Bleeker str. is pretty good imo. i dont mind grated mozzarella on a NY style. Keste is very good but you can't really compare these two as they are two different things: classic NYC brick oven pizza and la vera pizza Napoletana baked in a wood fired oven.
The jeans look great but 2500 bucks is bit over the top for jeans imo. I wonder what other brands produce jeans using similar "hairy" denim.
A fit pic added.  
Not been to PNP yet, but I will go there in November l:) Really look forward to it.   Darkands is located in an industrial area of Berlin. It's just a huge space that looks more like a gigantic showroom than a store.
 Sinnedk, my bison CCPs are so comfy. Haven't tried on cordovan ones but I've handled several pairs in Darklands store (which is easily the best shop I have ever seen) and they felt relatively soft. Darkland guys invited me to BBS party which I unfortunately could not attend as I was leaving Berlin the same night.   Harveys has a simple website, but no webshop, no online purchases whatsoever. When I asked the owner why he does not do an online shop he told me: I would...
 The best NY slice I've had recently was in.... Berlin (Germany). The place is called Villa di Wow. Run by a Spaniard from NYC.
@AlexanderTG congrats with the boots man! They look awesome. I have not handled Layer-0 until very recently, whenI stumbled upon a very strange shop in Berlin. It's called Harveys. That's right, no apostrophe. The shop looks like a second grade dry cleaner's: just hangers hanging everywhere and more hangers, several pieces of apparel on one hanger, a total chaos.  No atmosphere, no ambiance, nothing. It's run by an eccentric old German dude who's really nice and a little...
Berlin wall  
If a person is unable to take care of his hands he's surely unable to look after his shoes properly. So no surprise that this happened.
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