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You seem to be a very polite person and your parents have certainly done a great job teaching you how to communicate with people you barely know.
I'm not saying that it's bad or that I dislike it but imo it's too ordinary, like 100 other other random summer fits you would bump into in the streets.
Popularity of this fit remains a mystery to me.
 Like it a lot.
 My two rubles re ZB: I own two pieces so far (hoodie and dna jeans) and both are of highest quality. Never had problem with delays: everything was shipped in reasonable time. Zam himself is a great, charming guy - always ready to help, answer any questions and address any requests.
 I can't wait to watch new (and final ) Breaking Bad series.
 Hey D, the se7en reference was awesome    As for the fit: KK Attachment, Joop, OXS Rubber soul.    Now, what's in the box? Hmm.....     [[SPOILER]]
 I'm surprised it's still here. One of the best jackets ever.
 Thank you. Yes, they're OXS rubber soul.
 Hey yall. I seriously thought that I was banned for good but fortunately it was a temporary thing. Thank,s admins    Noctone, Le Samourai and Bigskipp - your recent fits are    
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