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I wish someone paid me to wear these clown shoes    
(@jet) go to bed already, schwarzenegger!
I second that, sinnedk. The whole thing has that dress-up feel. As if he put his father's clothes on to take a fit pic but was't actually going to wear outside. And that hat - in doors!? Is he freezing? Perhaps he caught flu from Hirsh. Poor guy.
For most people on this forum clothing is not just clothing, so watch it
What does "OL" stand for?
  Junya/Levi's Some old shirt Saturdays Surf NYC Wolverine 1000 miles
Sinnedk, I have a pair of zara jeans with elastane which are of pretty good quality. Also you might want to try blk denim.
Also, prps fit quite small and you should probably go at least 1 size up.
 Hey Stiches man! What a story with a twist ending! I enjoyed a lot. And in retrospect (knowing now that it was your brother teasing you) those jokes about the swimming pool and your brown baggy pants sound freakin' hilarious. A great trick
Yes them or Cinzia Araia.
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