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 Got a copy of Solomon Kane. Anyone here seen it and would recommend?
 Nothing else about Matt is feminine and that is a problem? I think it's vice-versa, actually. Matt's masculinity balances the femininity of the sweater. Put that sweater on a feminine looking guy and there we got a queen.
I am collecting this designer slowly, prolonging the pleasure and protecting the family budget
 Thanks. I am not intending to buy them at the moment. I was just kind of bewildered by the fact that something cannot be produced any more because the designer / manufacturer has run out of material.
I keep hearing that CCP stopped producing dead end jeans because he ran out of material. What exactly does that mean? Can't this material be manufactured any more? Have the raw materials been utilized completely?
Get 50 imo. My calf stretched nicely. leather jacket should fit like a glove. loose fit is not for leather jackets unless you're Jay-Z.
 I might go to jail for that    But on a serious note - I will be prepared to proxy for the people I know.
In Russia, Moscow  (where I live) most of the augusta get marked down to 60% (except for sneakers which sell out quite quickly) and are sold at USD 850-1000. I don't see that happening anywhere else. I guess this has to do with our communist regime - jawnz got to be affordable for every citizen.
  Edwin Saturdays surf NYC Wolverine 1000 mile
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