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Remember bitch, dumb people can't afford to buy shoes that cost over 2000 dollars. Think about it
Yea, he's ok, though he does not own a single pair probably.
 While I do appreciate incredible quality of this footwear, I think that the designer is being unreasonable for raising pricing like this. It's somewhat disrespectful to customers in my opinion.
 That one resembles sissy pee even more than the previous version. Beautiful, nevertheless.
 Number 2, man. Why don't you like metal buttons? Number 1 - not liking it. Number 3 is impressive but arms are really really tight and cut very high. If I was gonna get it I would have to size my size 3 in Devoa to 4 and still not sure how it would look on me. But you don't seem to have massive arms so could work fine for you. I like your PH jacket a lot.
 The second pair is Peter Nappi.
 Kings of summer was so good. Also, so sad that Breaking Bad is over :(
 I don't like the shoes alone pic (look a little too chubby for my taste) but they look good on you.
 Which ones? Not sure I see stripes on any of them :)
 My 4 recent purchases:
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