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 Jagten - an amazing film which stays with you for a long time. End of Watch - a great cop buddy movie. Lawless - a solid crime film. Killing Them Softly - a very weird flick, but I enjoyed it a lot. To Rome With Love - not a great Woody Allen film but a good Woody Allen film (I have not seen a bad Woody Allen film). Outrage Beyond - a sequel to Kitano's Outrage. The first film was better but still a good sequel. Stand Up Guys - incredible cast and acting, good old...
 You can be sure that there is nothing racist in that post. It might be or might not be funny, but definitely not racist. Racism is believing that certain race inferior to other races. Racism can also be considered the use of offensive terms in respect of certain race or people of that race. But NOT jocular busting of someone's balls.
Oh yea, speaking about nahneun. Why did you even bother blurring your face in that picture, dude?  There are at least half a billion guys that look just like you . Next time post an uncensored picture
 I could not find an ass whipping smiley in here  - this was the next best thing. But you're right.  
 But, nevertheless, yoox is one of the greatest places for shopping online. And I better not get from someone that condescending Gene Wilder picture in response to this, or I'll edit: no, I'll
 In the country Georgia there is a region called Svaneti and locals wear this kind of hats.    
 Nice cardigan, but I'm a bit surprised by this wafflemania in the US.
   I feel better now But, seriously - yoox never offers to European clients any CCP, Augusta, M.A+, etc.
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