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 yes or no?  
 I wish that was true. We get so much rain and snow in here. I might experiment with my Buttero suede boots. Let's see the results.
 Rain and snow kill suede. And sorry, but damaged suede looks like shit.
 Manhattan is way better than Celebrity, imo. One of his best, signature works.    "And I found that when he´s not playing that type of character himself, the actor in the lead takes care of that". That's a very correct observation. Kenneth Branagh did that in Celebrity, Will Farell in Melinda and Melinda and Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris. Owen Wilson even sounded like Woody Allen.   I strongly recommend Allen's recent film - Blue Jasmine. A great fucking movie.
Too bad for you. You're missing a lot.
Planes, trains and automobiles is a great comedy. Funny and sad at the same time. John Candy was a great comedian and so was (and still is) Steve Martin.   American Psycho is an incredible novel and a pretty mediocre film, imo.   Watched Rush yesterday. Amazing movie.
 Thanks for your insight, Regis!
 Regis, do you own any brands other than Margiela? Seriously, is MMM the only stuff you like?
@knowster:  MMM dude, those other two look like shit.
The man who wasn't there is one of their best, imo. To me this film is flawless, perfect. On par with Fargo.   Watching American Hustle right now.
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