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These CCPs are anything but versatile and definitely no for daily use (unless you're Mad Max). Beautiful, nonetheless. My choice between these 2 still would have been CCP though because I don't really like this particular pair of Augusta.
  This thread has over seven thousand pages.
I think nowadays 'lolita' applies generally to any cute teen/pre-teen image or anyone who resembles the same.
That's the trick with Japanese girls - you can never tell their age. But with Thai girls it's even worse - you can't be completely sure about their sex.
  Gogol is my favorite Russian writer. I've read Dead Souls we well as the survived chapters of its second volume. As you may know, Gogol has burned the second volume.
@artishard Just wondering, are you an official press secretary appointed by ZB or you're just an amateur expert of the brand?
 A great fookin film    
 Any thoughts?    
 Looks like zam.
 The side zippers make it look bad. Would have been a decent leather jacket otherwise.
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