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Brooklyn, Williamsburg.  
 Hey, been waiting for reply to my PM for ages. Today is the last day that I can pay. Off to holiday in 8 hours.
I want to buy: Stephan Schneider "bee" cardigan (size V)
I want to buy: Carol Christian Poell tornado boots to fit Eur size 43 (presumably 9 in CCP sizing) in horse or bison, grey or charcoal.
I PMd you but still no reply. If the cardigan is still available - you have an interested buyer.
 Been a long time...  
Since artishard seems to be having a day off, I'll try to reply: I think it's his 'weightless blazer'.
 Most of the fights on styleforum start under the following scenario: user X says - "I don't like [oranges]" and user Y responds with an insult.
If someone advertises something and is unable to provide pictures within a month upon request, one may reasonably assume that the advertiser does not actually possess the piece and uses the ad as a trick to draw attention to his other classifieds.   I already said that the use of the word 'scammer' was an exaggeration so don't really know why you're still fastening on this scam thing.
New Posts  All Forums: