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 Thanks for comments re Guidi vs A1923. What is your opinion on this jacket?  
 A1923 hitops    Guidi sidezips    
 Can't you do this using  your verbal skills? Or you're only trained to hit buttons?
 Dsquared2. Currently on yoox for EUR 330.    
  Devoa 50% linen/50% washi (Japanes paper) coat
 Re: CCP and it's replica    IMO the original is incredible while the fake is mediocre. Can't really understand all the affection with regard to the fake in here.
 8 probably. But you'll only be paying for 4.
 Carol Christian Poell kangaroo leather jacket (size 52) 50% sale: was EUR 4000 now it's EUR 2000   http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/Handcrafted-leather-jacket-art20350.html
 They got nice offerings from time to time. Like CCP jacket for EUR 2000. Too bad it's not my size.
 Rick on Spence?  
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