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 Yea, I mean this coat that doe not fit you at all and some other stuff you have posted before. On the other hand I really like your leather jacket (RO or alike) for which you can easily find a pair of jeans and footwear. Timberlands don't work there. I wish you all the best.
 Jameister you seem to be a decent guy and your looks are decent too. You just need to get yourself new clothes that would fit  you properly.
 There's almost nothing good left there other than some LUC stuff and Augusta leather jacket. BBS is sold out completely and so is CCP except one ugly blazer that no one's buying.
Yep. And was caught by a camera when he was about to throw away the body.
 This Dries Van Noten is da shit. One of the best bombers I've ever seen. The model looks kinda scary.  
 But that's not really a shirt but a top, to put it more accurately. I was expecting a shirt (with collar, etc).    Hope you're doing fine Zam. Gonna visit you in Brooklyn in May.
 What shirt is it, Dorje? Not sure I've seen any zamb shirts.
Looks better than the prior models who made the real nice clothes look like crap.
 I was assured they fit tts. Will let you know when they arrive (this week, hopefully).
 Masnada dude, yes.    There's another pair (different brand, different shop) I am monitoring now, hoping it will get marked down at least slightly. To me these are perfect lace-ups.  
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