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 Surprisingly these boots turned out to be quite soft and comfortable when I tried them on. I had expected them to be extremely stiff.  
Are you sure you're talking about Augustas? And not about Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc and their clientele? Or you equate one with the other(s)? In this case you completely miss philosophy behind the artisan brands.
 Nicely put, shady. That makes a lot of sense.    And those green ones (both, actually) are fucking beautiful.
 These are reverse horse culatta, color bone. Not sure about the year of the collection. I bought them in Moscow. .
 I will post my new pair of augustas as a sign for stopping trolls and bull(shitter)s.
 Love you too, my little asian brother. Mmmmppua
Remember bitch, dumb people can't afford to buy shoes that cost over 2000 dollars. Think about it
Yea, he's ok, though he does not own a single pair probably.
 While I do appreciate incredible quality of this footwear, I think that the designer is being unreasonable for raising pricing like this. It's somewhat disrespectful to customers in my opinion.
 That one resembles sissy pee even more than the previous version. Beautiful, nevertheless.
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