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 I thought it was awful. Great actors, the idea was good and old fashioned but the writing was a disaster.
 Don't really understand what's the point of buying straight-legged jeans if eventually you want them to be tapered. I would buy at least one size smaller. They look too loose for this particular model.
  to NYR
 Stoker was just not good.
 If you wash your jacket it will get slimmer but be careful not to destroy it. I've seen a thread dealing with this subject either on this forum or stylezeitgeist. It gives you step-by-step instruction on how to wash your jacket. Note though, that not only the jacket will shrink but the material itself will alter - it's gonna become more wrinkled and distressed. Another option would be to take your jacket to a good tailor and see what he can offer you in terms of...
 Never heard of the brands called Dries, KVA, jil, mmm, ann
 Great. I'll share my view after watching it. So far I liked all the movies of this director.
[[SPOILER]] Those shoes make me wanna puke. Sorry.
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