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MOK - exquisite as always!
Posting a couple of shots from my trip to Rome.   Black/white picture: PH, SBU, Guidi.   Color picture: BBS, Uniqlo, Croquis, CCP.    
     excellent use of irony!
I can certify that my culatta augustas did stretch just a tiny bit after I started filling them up with pieces of wood while not wearing. Those are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. I have heard rumors that layer 0 cordovan boots are not so comfy due to low instep but I personally did not experience any discomfort when wearing them (even though I have quite a high instep).
I am bewildered at how hard it is to find a good cobbler in the US, that people send their footwear from one city to another (or even from one state to other). I have been using the cobbler nearest to my house for a good while - an Armenian guy (traditionally all good cobblers in Russia are Armenian). I'm more than happy with his work. He charges me approx. 45 bucks for vibramming (material + work) and gets everything done within a 2-days' period. There are some luxury...
Posting a few pics of the new Guidis.  
I like his footwear actually. not so versatile some of them but nevetheless interesting
 What about some fine BBS at EUR 500?  
  I will post them. Being vibrammed at the moment.
Good to know this sinnedk!   No bad blood, kunk! Tell us your story at last!
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