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The asymmetric zip ones I've seen look very similar to me. I'd even thought they might have had the same designer at some point.
How come the design of backlash/incarnation leather jackets is so similar?
Size: M Material: Cotton Color: Grey Condition: Perfect (worn once only)   This is not an original M.A.+ but a custom made piece based on the M.A.+ original pattern and design. It's made of cotton, unlined, has hidden chest pockets, raw edges, hand-made stitches and riri zippers. It will be perfect for a 48 (US 38) - slim fit, as well as for a 46 (US 36) - a more relaxed fit. I own a rider jacket made by M.A.+ and when comparing the two can assure that the quality...
  I do hits for Russian Mafia from time to time. Not a very difficult job and pays pretty good.
Fwoedit - nice purchases man! But why both in black though? Incarnation has good offerings in different colors. Not that there's anything wrong with black. That MA+ horse leather moto jacket pops up in classifieds from time to time. Check sf, sz, grailed dot com and ebay. You might also want to contact member skeen who bought that moto jacket in midnight blue for $1500 and was ready to part with it (it was 50 or 52 to fit true 48).
fwoedit - can you post more pics of those jackets?
It's not a must but from my personal experience walking on a hard surface in vibrammed footwear is significantly more comfortable (let alone the sole protection purpose).
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