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Shit, I actually found this Dries bomber (posted by me earlier) discounted at 50%   So dope.      
 Not feelin those pants, Le Samourai. Slimmer pants would have looked much better, imo. Perhaps olive color?
Quote: Originally Posted by Caseyfud His facial expression is too punchable which brings down every one of his fits.     You're mean, dude. Let's not start talking about punchable faces. There are so many of them here, though. There are a couple of kickable ones too  
This is awesome. Gives me Coen brothers/Oliver Stone neo-noir vibe.
Ha ha, Parker! That was awesome
That's actually the Japanese retail price (i.e. 360 bucks). I always buy Devoa from Japanese shops. I'll PM you  links if you want. In the US and Europe shops normally double the price.
 Aether, those Devoa pants cost approx. 360 dollars.
 How exactly is that tie casual?
 I need a green/olive color winter jacket to wear with dark blue (APC new standards and alike) cuffed jeans and burgundy color boots. I liked a couple of Barbour jackets but they're too light for my weather. What do you all think about this one?  
 Candrew, that's a very nice photo. Is the jacket leather or waxed denim? Rick?
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