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dude, no one gives a fuck about those sneakers. time to move on.
Torrents, my friend! Hate it or love it!
I, personally, watch most of the films at home. Unless it's a new Woody Allen or Pedro Almodovar film, for which I normally go to the theater.
Watched lotsa stuff during the holidays:   1. Whiplash - very good.   2. Nightcrawler - awesome.   3. Predestination - mindblowing.   4. Frank - not my cup of tea.   5. Pride - did not enjoy it.   6. The drop - pretty good.   7. Magic in the moonlight - disappointing.   8. Edge of tomorrow - not my cup of tea.   Gonna watch the Interview tomorrow.   And gonna re-watch this masterpiece:  
How could you possibly hate him in Mr. Smith . It was such a charming character.
Henree - I like that fit a lot!   Bene - nice, but why no laces?
Gorgeous J-shaped pants with a slight drop crotch, made of high quality linen, charcoal/dark grey/black in color. The pants are slightly loose on the thighs and tapered below the knee. J-shape creates awesome stacking. I was choosing between this pair and a pair of waxed pants by Boris Bidjan Saberi and chose these ones as they looked more interesting. Worn exactly 2 times for a short period of time. Waist has been professionally altered to fit size 32/48. Can be worn by...
KK Attachment     Barena  
Which Barena jacket - Slanega or Quilted Torceo?      
 The bomber looks good. Where to kop?
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