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  Tony Soprano would have chewed this clown and spat his toes out.
 In all honesty, it is difficult for me to give a precise and definite answer. I am not an expert, let alone I cannot judge by that photo. All I can say is that something is really wrong there. This could me the issue of missizing, but could be a flaw in design/pattern making/tailoring also. There are people in this forum who make clothes professionally (or semi-professionally) - I think they will be better judges than me. The fabric looks awesome btw.
 I am not saying that you should have necessarily done the same thing (you know your stuff better), BUT if I were you, I would have just have fixed that fly (and whatever else was not in order) locally and charged Wormwood the associated repair costs. But that's me.
 Knowing Wormwood, I can state with a great deal of confidence that it's highly unlikely that he screwed over any of you guys. There might have been flaws, certain negligence, unforeseen circumstances but not fraud. And I do believe that all this is rectifiable. Having said that, I can understand your displeasure and I can imagine my displeasure if the same thing has happened to me. However calling someone a swindler only because you suppose he has scammed you - is not...
 Good one, Abraxix! I LOLed. Anyone who claims that cossack flies don't exist, is gonna eat his words now! Indisputable proof is provided below.  [[SPOILER]]
Of course, there might be a flaw in the fly. I cannot exclude that. But the case may be, that during the time the pants were in transit, nahneun's butt has gained some weight and the initially provided mesurements were no longer relevant by the time the pants arrived. Who knows!?
  I fully agree with you on both points. No matter what the reasons behind the flaw(s) are, the issue should be resolved to the customer's satisfaction.
Nahneun, sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, but one needs to acknowledge that in one-man production process occasional flaws are inevitable. Especially in the circumstances where the customer does not try the garment on during the manufacturing process. I think, you are sadly one of the few unlucky customers. I do trust that wormwood will resolve this issue to your satisfaction.
 11 by BBS, that's right.
Thanks my ninja
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