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I agree that drips look good. Especially the black/grey version. On the other hand, I don't see much competition to them because most of the sneakers produced by other artisans look just terrible (A1923) or mediocre (pretty much all of the other artisan designers). To me the most beautiful sneakers are RO Ramones, Margiela gats, KVA (don't remember the name of the model) and Raf velcro. From artisans I only like drips and rubber souls.
Oh, right!  I probably saw it on gr@iled.
 Did you get that Junya jacket off yahoo auctions? I think I saw it there recently.
Now I can see why Stitches and Diniro win so often  By the way, Adonis had a pretty average body. Apollo was the one with remarkable body.
 That might work actually
If I presented a pair of used shoes to my lady friend, she would beat me up with them
 And it's worth it, dude
I think every time someone compares Brad-t to Michael Jackson, poor Michael Jackson starts turning in his grave. Then he crawls out of it and starts dancing "Thriller".
 I'll probably pass. Not cool enough to pull them off
 I wonder why those carpes are so cheap? I've always thought that snake skin was expensive, let alone the brand. Probably they were made of a useless innoxious snake ;)
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