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So do I. But the shorts are abomination. 
 What the fuck does that even mean? You on heavy drugs or something? 
 Nicelynice gotta be trolling here )
Letting these go (size 11, fits 10-10.5 / 43-43.5), conditon is excellent, other than a tiny rip (2cm) on the back which has been fixed.    Send me offers if interested.   
Looks nice, Classified!
 I think he means these ones and alike. I also prefer this version to the current ones.  
Nahneun, it's gonna fit you actually. Seriously. When my wife gets tired of it we can negotiate a deal with you )
 Eton, that scarstitch looks stunning. I envy you but also am very happy for you :)
 People in recent purchases (Fuuma, I think) asked me to post a fit pic of my new number (n)ine rider jacket. Unfortunately the jacket turned out at least 2 sizes too small for me. But fortunately it fits my wife, so here's her (not so good quality, iphone) fit pic instead  
 Auximeness, slimmer pants or pants/jeans with a more aggressive taper would have looked much better here. The shape of the boots is ace.
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