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''deleted for the internal compliance purposes''
In France a couple of days ago.       This beautiful 13th century chateau (well, a small part of it) was my home for 4 days. [[SPOILER]]
Yep, hollywood waistband. Made by my wife.
 New handmade selvedge jeans.  
 I like mine too. Would not sat they're my favorite pair but still love them. Probably my favorite pair is guidi as they're super comfy and age with grace.
@sinnedk you're much into Layer 0 lately ain't ya?
  Tony Soprano would have chewed this clown and spat his toes out.
 In all honesty, it is difficult for me to give a precise and definite answer. I am not an expert, let alone I cannot judge by that photo. All I can say is that something is really wrong there. This could me the issue of missizing, but could be a flaw in design/pattern making/tailoring also. There are people in this forum who make clothes professionally (or semi-professionally) - I think they will be better judges than me. The fabric looks awesome btw.
 I am not saying that you should have necessarily done the same thing (you know your stuff better), BUT if I were you, I would have just have fixed that fly (and whatever else was not in order) locally and charged Wormwood the associated repair costs. But that's me.
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