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   I feel better now But, seriously - yoox never offers to European clients any CCP, Augusta, M.A+, etc.
 You're a star   If we were in mafia I would say that you're the best consigliere in the world.
 That jacket is pretty nice. Pity that it's one size smaller, but it might stretch.
 So it's just an Asian guy named Foo. Ok  
What's fok?   Re: blazers - both look good. Can you post the second one on a mannequin?
 Can anyone please explain the idea behind the 'Asian guy wearing glasses' smiley?
 Aren't you used to wearing even smaller hats? Looks good btw
 Yoox, as always, is discriminatory towards its European customers. All the good stuff is offered exclusively to the customers from USA
 What kind of pants/jeans to wear that type of jacket - can you post an example?
Ouch! That's gotta be painful, dude. What did you eat for breakfast?
New Posts  All Forums: