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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - not really a good movie but Jim Carrey was hilarious.
 Brad-t, you're such a sellout
 eckblk, do you buy CCP jackets at full retail price or find good bargains?
 "That's nice; collar looks a bit strange.."    Yea, the color is kind of peculiar -  It resembles old school denim jacket collars. But I do like it.    Speaking of Boris - my favorite overlock jacket from him is this one:
 Stitches, I like that jacket a lot. Good shoes too. Not liking the tie though (don't like pink ties in general).
   This is an amazing indie horror film. Very very well made.
 I love this new jacket. The moment I put in on it became one of my favorite pieces ever.
 This is another beautiful jacket from Incarnation FW 13/14 collection. I like it a lot.     That M.A.+ blue jacket is dope.  
 Your views on this top?    
 I thought it was awful. Great actors, the idea was good and old fashioned but the writing was a disaster.
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