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Thanks. You mean my pants or this other guy's?
 Snobby sheep/EA/JNBY/MMM
 Benesyed, Severysth: thanks, your feedback is appreciated.
 Saturday afternoon walk.  
Coupon code: EXTRA10   Works for US only.
 Zam Barrett hoodie. The color is amazing.    
 I receive spam from these Hiras from time to time. Keep marking the emails as junk but this does not help. I've never come across such stubbion tailors before.
 I agree with this dude BreezyBirch. Some people in here have no social skills, no communication skills whatsoever. Moreover,  some people here act like total dicks. Over-the-top arrogant dicks. And if these dicks happen to have lots of posts on this forum, they're considered by some as alpha-dicks, being worshiped and followed by less powerful dicks (the ones with smaller post count) .  That's ridiculous. I really don't understand why some asshole who has made billion...
 Response to what? It's an observation!
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