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 You're trying to be a smartass here but you've just demonstrated your ignorance and stupidity. Switch from comic books to scientific magazines and you will learn lots of new things. This phenomenon has in fact been proven scientifically. Kind of grow up, as I've told you before.    P.S. Your pedantic tone is so fucking irritating.
 What was your score on that test, Tworksheets?
The same thing may be extraordinary from your pov and generic from my pov. How does that make you right and me dumb? Did you know that two different human beings even perceive the same color in a different way? Think about it
Kindofyoung, are you really unable to notice the difference between the current context and the one within which my responses were made (out of which you just wrenched my statements for some reason)? Your sledgehammer subtlety is astonishing. Maybe this will get fixed when you kindofuclkngrowup. I'm not saying that calling someone dumb per se is unacceptable. In certain situations calling someone an asshole and a twat is acceptable and ok. However calling someone dumb...
Such a pity, I'm not gonna receive an academy award.
You seem to be a very polite person and your parents have certainly done a great job teaching you how to communicate with people you barely know.
I'm not saying that it's bad or that I dislike it but imo it's too ordinary, like 100 other other random summer fits you would bump into in the streets.
Popularity of this fit remains a mystery to me.
 Like it a lot.
New Posts  All Forums: