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Augusta is on the list too - http://le-21eme.com/category/designers/a1923/
 Teger, thanks for this very interesting interview.
 Those pythons are ugly. Brad, you should totally grab them.    Aariam: based on the fit pics posted by you here, I personally think that something kike KK Attachment and/or Alexandre Plokhov would suit your style better than Augusta. Devoa would be a good choice too. From those Augustas I like # 1 and hate the other 2.
http://peternappi.com/products/mens-lunardi-t-moro-boot http://peternappi.com/products/mens-julius-bitter-chocolate-boot
  At a steal price.
Nahneun, either take off your cross or put on your knickers. It's pretty ironic to keep bashing a guy whom you quote in your signature.
 Dunno what's left but everything that I wanted had been gone at the beginning of 50% sale
 Those boots look something you would put in a cabinet with a bunch of antique stuff, rather than wear them.  I wonder how much do those splendid laces add to the overall price.
Not a fan of julius shoes in general, unlike their outwear.
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