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Thank you. Was looking forward to seeing that one.,
Snowman, what movie is it?
So do your homework on time instead of hangin on sf 
@sweetjesus yea, it's his penis. go and suck on it now, boy!
 And what grade are you in? 8th or 9th?
What's the least favorite part?
lol that chart is terrific :-)
your preferences change faster than fashion. i remember you wearing zam - than you started thrashing zam. you used to say good stuff about boris - now you are thrashing boris. won't be surprised if you start thrashing ma+ and RO tomorrow.   I think that some of BBS stuff looks fantastic: his P11 and P14 selvage pants are awesome, his blazers are mostly awesome, his denim jacket with leather sleeves (the older version) is awesome, horse leather jacket with removable...
You mean his leathers or everything? Some stuff I have handled/own seems pretty solid. At least to an amateur like me.
New BBS  
New Posts  All Forums: