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Post your fit pic, dude. Let's see where you had been kicked. Dogpiling is not cool.
 I am normally 43 and own those boots in 42. These are the only Butteros I have/tried on, so can't really say what's my 'Buttero size'.
Thanks for sharing your view, Diglet.
Jameister, what's the jacket?
 I went the whole size down on this boots - fit me perfectly.  
 Guys, what is your opinion on these shirts? I need a black shirt with a little twist, to wear with slightly faded blue jeans.    
The bottom half looks good. Not liking the top part though.
 Isachenko, Butteros run 1/2 to 1 size big (just in case you did not know).
Crocodile cow is my favorite animal.
Do you think these are any good? Thanks.  
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