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 You think so? Roomy top and skinny jeans look good together imo (not just here but in general).
 I missed Lucali twice in a row while being in NYC. And I was staying in Brooklyn! What a shame. During the 2nd part of my trip I lived right next to Motorino. I liked it but still prefer Keste when it comes to vera pizza Napoletana. Another good pizzeria I discovered in East Village is called Numero 28. They make those huge (1 meter) pizzas in a brick oven, nice thin crust and fresh toppings. The place is run by Italians so they know their job well. Grimaldi's was good...
Raf Simons velcro, KVA - those come first to my mind.
Thanks a lot, but piss off please.
  Sorry for the poor quality picture.
I wish someone paid me to wear these clown shoes    
(@jet) go to bed already, schwarzenegger!
I second that, sinnedk. The whole thing has that dress-up feel. As if he put his father's clothes on to take a fit pic but was't actually going to wear outside. And that hat - in doors!? Is he freezing? Perhaps he caught flu from Hirsh. Poor guy.
For most people on this forum clothing is not just clothing, so watch it
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