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 The best thing to try there is their traditional Bistecca alla Fiorentina and pasta with wild boar ragout. I did not like pizza in Florence so much but there is a place owned by Neapolitans that serves decent pizza. I will ask around and let you know.  I miss that city so much. You're lucky to be there now, although I can Imagine that weather is not best at them moment over there.
 I don't think work = personal life, but ok.
 It is great but, having said that, it does not hold a candle to Goodfellas.
 Nahneun, what is your occupation? I'm asking because I would not dare going to the office wearing J pants even of Friday, notwithstanding that (and more so because) I'm one of the owners.
Synthese, how was the food in Florence? Where did you dine?
  You  don't look slim on these pictures.
 Junya Watanabe jacket    Creep quilted shirt/jacket    
Eck is probably the ultimate owner of all those places
  Isn't that something that fucks google up real bad?
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