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  Oi vei. The next worst thing would have been spacepopeapproved
That's probably how Simone talks but Carol would be something like: vot tu you sink you arr doing du anschloch! kopping mein vork! Ich would make a deadend jumper suit from you, but dein skin ist unworthy of my artisan vork.
"very familiar looking" is litotes, man!
Seriously though: aren't those tornados on Psydle's pic?
 The Knick was the best new TV show of 2014 on par with True Detective, imo.
 Let's discuss the methods and techniques of replicating tornados.
It's on sale now in Chicago store (Independence). 393 bucks
 On the other hand...... M.A+ aviator (non-leather) can be replicated nicely by skillful hands          But I would never ever even attempt to have replicated anything made by CCP - either leather or fabric.
 I agree with Eton on this.
New Posts  All Forums: