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Actually I never knew what Marc Jacobs looked like. Now I do, thanks to you.   What does Margiela look like?
Kilt contest would be cool actually. Can the winner of the current contest pleeease announce it?
Men in Kilt look great. Sean Connery rocks it, Axl Rose looked good too and the guy whose pic was posted earlier - this one:     looks pretty good as well. I would freakin wear a kilt if I could pull it off. But kilts are not skirts.
No one is trying to insult you, dude.
Chill, dude! Until I dig out some of your older fits and we all start making fun of them
Every time I look at that Zam model picture, it reminds me that mentally and physically challenged kid that lived in my neighborhood back in my childhood, who had no neck and whose head was attached right to his torso.
  Thanks man. I did my year 11 of high school in here and haven't returned since then until now. Brings back some good memories
Is the guy on the 1st pic even able to move?
@Kid Nickels thanks, I'm in Barcelona. Moved here for a couple of months. It's beautiful around here. Enjoying nice weather, good food & wine and lack of Russian people.
IT guys? I've always thought that these were photographers, stylists, interior designers, other creative profession related people. But not IT guys. When I think of a "IT guy" someone like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobbs comes to my mind.
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