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 Isachenko, please post a decent fit so that you will appear in Synthese's write-up. I really want to read that!
 I think the conversation in the car contained a clear reference to Belle de Jour. Can't recall the exact phrase but at the time when I was watching it in the theater, the reference was obvious. Well, Bunuel's film is based on a novel, so this one can be inspired by the novel rather than the film, but doesn't really matter. I hated the main character. I kind of despised everything about her.   To me Ozon remains the only hope for the French cinema, which, otherwise, is...
 That was a very good movie. Definitely inspired by Bunuel's Belle de Jour.
 That's a crazy price. Last season's double zips are offered here at USD 1000. Two sizes left - 43 and 44.
 Pleas PM me as well.
Let's just forget about it and move on, mate. Sorry if I offended you.
Sinnedk, you're probably right. I got those boots thanks to you, btw, because you convinced me to pass on MMSs in favor of Butteros :)   Are you still looking for Layer-0 boots? If so, I'll link you to the best price you will ever find in the universe.
I ordered from their website. They don't deliver to Russia so I asked them to deliver to my client in the US who was coming here for business. Surprisingly, the US price was EUR 70 cheaper than the Europe price, so it was a good deal all around.
I have none but i'll take a couple of photos later and pm you,
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