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SVB, I own 2 Manuel Ritz suits. I bought one from yoox and another one in Italy. They are pretty decent for the price.
I honestly don't know my chest size. I am normally within the range of M-L/48-50/3-4. I have a Junya blazer in size M which is pretty slim fitted so I decided to grab this one a size larger for a bit looser fit, allowing some layering. Did not receive it yet. Expecting it next week (hopefully).
 I don't know man. I'm not good in measurements. You should know your chest better.
 There's L available at Lazzariweb. I bought mine from them.
 What is your size, Isachenko?
 RFX45 - awesome indeed. I was debating between these and Raf velcros......and ended up with none
 That's his signature, the new trend. In 2 years we all gonna be posing like that. Just wait and see.
I want to buy: Junya Watanabe X Levi's Contrast Panel Denim Jacket (Size M-L)
 Stitches, don't get me wrong - I like Casino A LOT! The only reason why I drew parallel was because both these movies were made by the same director, same actors star in main roles and both deal with similar subject.
  Great. It's one of my favorite cities. Parione make good bistecca (I also ate good risotto there, which is not really a Tuscan thing, but still) and so do Il Latini but the latter is a bit touristy and service leaves much to be desired. Every time I go to Florence I buy at the local market (which is in the very center of the city) lost of fresh prosciutto, cheeses and olive oil to take home.
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