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  If you can't comprehend and conceive why mixing some chic, expensive item with a less expensive and simple item does good to the overall look, there's noting I can do. You probably think that people like eg. David Beckham, who wears aididas sneakers with Dior jeans and Bradd Pitt, who wears levi's with CCP and comparable brands, can't afford to buy stuff. I don't see point in continuing this conversation with you.
 GoldenTribe,    I've seen rich peasants (of both sexes) and rich low-life bums,  the ones with a lot of money but no class - wear everything super expensive. And they look god awful in that expensive outfit because they have no taste. They have no clue on how to combine one item with another (regardless of the price of these items). In your post you so sounded a bit like one of these people. Hopefully you aren't. Knowing how to combine less expensive clothes with...
 I personally love mixing less expensive and more expensive stuff. Eg. a uniqlo tee (below 20 bucks) and MMM sneakers (above 500 bucks). It's fun like this. Making a rule of wearing everything expensive at the same time is kinda meh and boring.
Emporio Armani blazer. Size: 50 (L). Material: virgin wool 98%/nylon 2%. Condition: new, with tags (has never been worn).   The price is $150 (OR BEST OFFER) plus shipping costs (depending on which shipping service you choose).
 Not my style of jackets but really nice.
 Has anyone here owned Masnada? I tried this pair at the store - they're quite comfortable and the leather quality seems to be really good but just seeking feedback on durability, etc.    
 Those jeans fit fine, imo. The man likes skinny jeans - what's wrong with that?
 Seriously speaking, I have nothing against pink stuff - just don't like pink ties :) 
 I like most of the stuff that NY Islander posts but this particular one is not my favorite.
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - not really a good movie but Jim Carrey was hilarious.
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