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 Thanks, I appreciate your insight.
 Yea, but KVA initially runs big so frankly speaking 1 size up in this brand is more than just 1 size up. I own a pair of MMM high tops that are 1 size large and wear them without a problem.
Eton, if you had to choose between augusta sneakers and CCP drip sneakers - which one would you go for?
 I still wear then sometimes, but without a pleasure. Uncomfortable to walk plus they look kinda huge. Here they are.  
A couple of years ago I found a pair of those old school velcro I'd been crazy about. My size was unavailable so I bought 1 size large. Will never make that mistake again
 We got same size, dude. Do you normally sell your stuff here or sz/sufu?
 Jameister, they carry most of the big names as well as less known names. Prices are good and their return policy is good. I at some point I used to buy most of the stuff there. Try it.
 KVA normally fit one size large but based on your description you might be fine if you go tts.
Eton, what is your shoe size?
 Jameister, the jacket looks awful but without that jacket your fit would have been pretty nice. The jeans are nice, the shoes look ok, and that shirt with rolled up sleeves and a white tee underneath would give that 50s rock n roll vibe, especially with that haircut you got.
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