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Noob, you start with Casino Royale. After that it does not really matter if you follow the chronological order.
I don't expect it to be a masterpiece of modern literature but is it at least a decent page-turner?
double post
Philosopher's stone in literature dates way before Harry Potter books.
 Started Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Any one read it?
Anyone saw the Gone Girl already? Really look forward to seeing this one.
Tell me about winter.  I hate the Russian winter. All I can wear is timberlands.
Winter's not so soon, plus once it starts it's gonna end eventually. Just admit you can't afford expensive jawnz instead of making up stupid excuses  
From the recent ones: 1. 2 faces of January - a neo-noir set in Greece, 1960s. S solid film, reminiscent of Talented Mr Ripley. 2. The Homesman. An excellent western (not a traditional one) directed by Tommy Lee Jones.
what's the big deal with getting them hemmed? any tailor can do this for like 10 bucks or less.
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