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 Which ones? Not sure I see stripes on any of them :)
 My 4 recent purchases:
 I'm kind of  puzzled because I like both pairs but don't wanna buy 2 pairs. Which one do you think is better?  
Bdude,  I don't use oil or anything - just wipe them with a dry cloth. But I try not to wear them in rain and snow.
Do not handle with care
 PM me if you're still selling this.
 Fuck....feel so much better now.
 Gosh, without even going deep into scientific articles and monographs, just recall how many times different people have referred differently to the color of something you wear. I have a jacket who some perceive as black and some as dark blue. I have another jacket that some perceive as grey and some as green. I have a blazer that some perceive as brownish and some as grey.  Furthermore, some people are fucking achromates.  What scientific proof do you need now?
 I will send you if I find.
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