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EG/check shirt/SBU/Guidi
Not an attempt to take anything away from kgfan's fit but DA is not some random yoox brand. It's pretty well known Italian brand that makes good quality stuff.
KG - awesome. Deets on the sweater and pants?
I recommend Fascinate. They have largest stock of Devoa and excellent customer service.
No one will suggest you a derby that will go with anything, but Guidi should go with many things (including some casual suits). CCP and Augusta as well. 10 Sei 0 Otto has some decent offerings from time to time. My personal favorites are Layer 0 but they will definitely not go with anything.
I watched 'My old lady' yesterday, further to recommendation on here. Kinda hated it to be honest.
Moonchild, thanks for postingMMM's photo.
Actually I never knew what Marc Jacobs looked like. Now I do, thanks to you.   What does Margiela look like?
Kilt contest would be cool actually. Can the winner of the current contest pleeease announce it?
Men in Kilt look great. Sean Connery rocks it, Axl Rose looked good too and the guy whose pic was posted earlier - this one:     looks pretty good as well. I would freakin wear a kilt if I could pull it off. But kilts are not skirts.
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