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 Some ugly dwarf blocked me. I feel like crying now
  I think that Disdorbiant's posts are awfully funny and witty. You might just be not clever enough to understand that humour.
You are one of the douchiest little assholes on this forum.
 The Town was awesome.
 Also Pink Flamingos and Desperate Living.
John Waters movies are insane, funny, inappropriate, gruesome, absurd. You'll either love them or hate them. I personally love them.
 I have been ordering tons of stuff since 2006.
 I just watched an Israeli dark comedy/horror/mystery entitled Big Bad Wolves. A very solid film. I also watched Nebraska which in my opinion was not quite as good as Payne's earlier films but still very good. August: Osage County - about 2 hours of topnotch acting. Meryl Streep is always good but here she was phenomenal. Another academy award nominee - 12 years a slave, was just average.
 I have never ever received from yoox something lacking in quality, wrong size/color or otherwise inconsistent.
 Can anyone comment on the quality of Golden Goose leathers?
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