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Rick Thom Krom Nude_M OXS
 This is SO opposite of effortless. 
 Go Georgia   
   Wear longer shorts, do not tuck in the shirt and don't wear sleeveless stuff until you hit the gym and your arms obtain better shape. 
Gats are beautiful. I don't see  how they may seem ugly to anyone. Bene just wears them with wrong firs at times. 
If you smoked Moroccan hash all day, you wouln't give a shit about clothes. You'd fly half naked with a huge smile on your face, singing: could you be looooved and be looooved
 Same clothes as last time )    
He probably could no longer bear the hassle pertaining to putting it on/taking it off )
4est - you'll change footwear before leaving your apartment or you'll go like that? 
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