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My wife made them for me. Made of selvedge cotton. They are overdyed black so with wear they developed amazing blueuish fades.
The winter is slowly walking away.
 Looking sharp MOK! Be careful though - if a Siberian ballerina has a crush on you, there's no easy escape there
I thought that the interview with Simone was not that bad, but I literally LOLd when the interviewer asked Simone what was his take on other designers copying his stuff  
Devoa ramie flight jacket
Thanks man! Actually only the ramones and leather jacket are recent kops. I bought the waxed jacket a couple of years ago and love it to date.
No because under local customs regulations duties apply when you buy merchandise exceeding EUR 1000 in any calendar month.
They were on 40% discount and, on top of that, if you order from Europe you are charged the lowest price (compared to America, Asia, etc).
 Got these from Ink at 527 bucks plus shipping. Incredible deal, considering than on secondary market beaten up ones sell higher than that.       Two more items from my RO mini collection    
 Letting my CCP blazer go. Tagged 50 - fits 48. If interested, PM me.
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