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Also NDC made by hand and Premiata on sale.
 This for now. Might post another one later.  
 Those Guidi look beautiful.
  Dressed in CCP on my way to meet Mr. BBS who's visiting Moscow.
Dude, stop tempting me
@ihrm those are A1923 oile horse culatta boots, anthracite color/treatment.   @Lollie the bomber has a relatively relaxed fit (although it fits tts) and the fabric is quite substantial. it's somewhat shiny so might not be everyone's cup of tea. overall, if styled the right way, it's an awesome bomber.
Will definitely fit me but not interested in tornadoes at the moment Thanks for thinking of me though.
Yea, they're somewhat similar, actually.
Thanks. Can you post your new pair and the kudu one?
       Just when I thought I was done....they pull me back in
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