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 Did you get that Junya jacket off yahoo auctions? I think I saw it there recently.
Now I can see why Stitches and Diniro win so often  By the way, Adonis had a pretty average body. Apollo was the one with remarkable body.
 That might work actually
If I presented a pair of used shoes to my lady friend, she would beat me up with them
 And it's worth it, dude
I think every time someone compares Brad-t to Michael Jackson, poor Michael Jackson starts turning in his grave. Then he crawls out of it and starts dancing "Thriller".
 I'll probably pass. Not cool enough to pull them off
 I wonder why those carpes are so cheap? I've always thought that snake skin was expensive, let alone the brand. Probably they were made of a useless innoxious snake ;)
  For the record, I have thumbed several of your posts/fits, however you've NEVVA EVVA thumbed any of mine
 I liked your remark about 'original human feet'
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