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 This was one was incredible
 Nice one, Psydle!      mutilated female body detected. 
Nicelynice - deets on the jacket plz?
 Sandro is decent quality. Aslo, Our Legacy has some nice inexpensive leathers. 
That would be great, sinnedk! 
 This is such an amazing thread. I love Japan, though I haven't been there (yet!). Great shots of places, food and fits. Good to see Synthese unblurred and Spacepope smiling. Post more please. Cheers.
Para, I don't dislike those skinny jeans. The boots are just a bit too massive for them but it's really minor issue. What I don't dig is the blazer which looks kinda big on you (especially the very long sleeves). 
 Not wearing anything worth sharing today but just wanted to share with you all this beautiful sunset that the first day of summer brought us in Moscow.   
 Those CCP side-zips were hangin on yahoo auctions for several years and the price was going up and between 7000 to 1000 USD. They must be 2009/2010 model. Look solid but but 1200 is a bit too much for them I think. 
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