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 Any thoughts?    
 Looks like zam.
 The side zippers make it look bad. Would have been a decent leather jacket otherwise.
Yea, the cat is incredible. Bulgakov was a master (no pun intended) of imagery.
Master and Margarita is inexplicably good. Probably a lot has been lost in translation. Bulgakov, at least to me, is one of the most re-readable authors. On par with Zoshchenko. But Zoshchenko is absolutely untranslatable.   @FlyingMonkey you find Gogol depressive? Please elaborate.
 On a serious note, re Hirsh: some of us might regret at some point in the future for having been mean to her, a little too harsh to her, for overreacting, etc. We (at least some of us) might feel bad about ourselves and that is not the best feeling.
Unless you guys stop talking so much about teenage girls and posting their pictures, my huge hard-on is gonna destroy the new 11.5oz Devoa denim  
That's right, Stitches. It's good to chill after hard day's night
 I dig both of those BBS leathers.
Current season 11.5 oz denim, color indigo.
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