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 So you go them now or not?
Skeen, that's an awesome jacket, man. Wear the hell out of it. By the way, I first thought that you paired that jacket with orange pants a la new BBS   Sinnedk, the one you posted is #1 item on my grail list.
 Skeen, which CCP jacket is that? Seems to be real dope. Can you post a store pic of the jacket?
SVB, I own 2 Manuel Ritz suits. I bought one from yoox and another one in Italy. They are pretty decent for the price.
I honestly don't know my chest size. I am normally within the range of M-L/48-50/3-4. I have a Junya blazer in size M which is pretty slim fitted so I decided to grab this one a size larger for a bit looser fit, allowing some layering. Did not receive it yet. Expecting it next week (hopefully).
 I don't know man. I'm not good in measurements. You should know your chest better.
 There's L available at Lazzariweb. I bought mine from them.
 What is your size, Isachenko?
 RFX45 - awesome indeed. I was debating between these and Raf velcros......and ended up with none
 That's his signature, the new trend. In 2 years we all gonna be posing like that. Just wait and see.
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