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Psydle, I can read but there are neither prices nor description on the website. Not a very handy website overall. Some of the footwear looks pretty nice though - I wonder what leathers he uses.
I would suggest lace-up boots with more structured toe (eg. KK Attachment lace-up boots). 
@poilu with a different pair of boots the fit would have been ace!
 As far as working out is concerned -- you are in great shape. When I said stick to Margiela I was not being cocky or rude. That style suits you a lot. That's definitely 'You', while Rick won't be 'You'. Sorry if I'm too equivocal.
 You're so NOT Rick. Stick with MMM - you do it good  
@AngryYoungPoor I really like that. And who cares that the jacket does not fit - there's so much character in your picture.
Degli Effetti (Rome)Project 3,14 (Moscow)
@Rais I love that fit!
I handle them like an apple of my eye, dude - no scratches so far. But leather seems to be relatively strong (not as strong as horse though).
15 oz minimalist dna pants.
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