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I'm talking about the cardigan...
So you're the one  who fucked up, ain't you?   But what can I expect from a classifieds' scammer.
@indesertum  What the fuck are you drinking, man? I called somebody's shit the ugliest shit ever???? Are you hallucinating or something?
bahahaha, have you ever heard of cause and effect, Indesertum? One is reaction to the other, no matter how hard you try to wrench it out of the context. There is in fact mean streak and the guy reacted to it, what does make sense.
 Some ugly dwarf blocked me. I feel like crying now
  I think that Disdorbiant's posts are awfully funny and witty. You might just be not clever enough to understand that humour.
You are one of the douchiest little assholes on this forum.
 The Town was awesome.
 Also Pink Flamingos and Desperate Living.
John Waters movies are insane, funny, inappropriate, gruesome, absurd. You'll either love them or hate them. I personally love them.
New Posts  All Forums: