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Baltimoron - thanks a lot!
Is there a Japanese store which sells substantial amount of soloist (whether  or not they ship outside Japan)? 
 Cowboy shit was cooler. 
My absolute recommendation would be to order (among other things) goat belly confit. It's to die for, believe me. 
All this Chicago talk bring those good memories back to me :)    Chicago 2014    
 Caustic Man, can't remember the exact time but it was still daytime (around 5PM). 
I'm quite lucky with places that require reservations long in advance. There's a famous (I would say - world famous) place in Barcelona called Tickets and 2 month's prior reservation is a must there. Luckily, during my stay in Barcelona someone has cancelled his reservation and I got the vacant table by chance. 
 Actually we (4 people) went there without reservation. We had to wait about 30 minites and were seated afterwards. The food was incredible. 
  Another really good place for deep dish is Giordano's. 2 of my favorite (non-pizza) places in Chicago are Devon Seafood Grill and Girl and the Goat. I think all 3 of these are a must in Chicago. 
MOK and Snowman - excellent!
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