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   Mini me you say!
(Re Rick Owens) "But there's still no better brand for leather jackets".   That's a very bold statement. The quality of his recent leathers are not that pleasing, let alone that a lot of stuff is produced in Moldovia. Having said that, I respect and appreciate this designer.
Abraxis, when dressed in that style you always give me young Sammo Hung vibe. The fit is nice.
I.e. Nahneun's gotta cut his finger off? damn!
Should I? For a dirt cheap price.  
Looks good but the pose in your first pic looks a bit weird - as if you are advertising that CCP jacket on darklands website.
Para - ur rickjulius guy from SZ right?
Can we actually get banned for communicating in Yiddish?
Ya ne znau. Na toi fotke vse vidno krome podborodka  
Better quality pics of my a1923 whom I'm considering to sell or trade:  
New Posts  All Forums: