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@AlexanderTG on the first picture you look like Joe Cocker in his younger years. As for your metamorphosis - you did a great job! Way to go!
If not clowns like jet, brad-t and a couple of other assholes who constantly create hostility and cause conflicts - this forum would have been a better place.
It appears that the one and only source of knowledge of yours is Wikipedia. Also you are getting confused between the terms 'political correctness' and 'discrimination', you dumb ass.
Actually I like Seal's approach to conceptual fashion. Black with black and black a la SZ WAYWT got kinda boring.
I really like the way this particular pair of Guidi looks - 995 in donkey leather. I have ordered the same thing but in black (love this brown color but a little problematic to match with my wardrobe). I was not a fan of this brand before  - giving preference to more aggressive lace-ups such as Layer-0 and Augusta, but somehow my taste has matured over time. As regards comfort, every single pair of Guidi I have tried on (lace-up boots, derbies, back-zips) was extremely...
Would be large for you, I assume. They run tts to be best of my knowledge.
You ain't ever gonna get my thumbs, Stitches, evaaaaa!
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