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@AngryYoungPoor I really like that. And who cares that the jacket does not fit - there's so much character in your picture.
Degli Effetti (Rome)Project 3,14 (Moscow)
@Rais I love that fit!
I handle them like an apple of my eye, dude - no scratches so far. But leather seems to be relatively strong (not as strong as horse though).
15 oz minimalist dna pants.
My bison pair is very comfy. I can walk all day without feeling any sort of discomfort even in places like Rome where most roads are made of paving blocks. I think horse is much rougher. Also, CCP bison has very unique texture - you've all seen it, it's just pure beauty.
  KK Attachment Void Zam NDC
I was musing this other day and pictured myself wearing a long blue cashmere coat with pretty strong shoulders, a beige/cream cashmere turtleneck, slim (but not skinny) pants/jeans and tan boots with cuban heel. Any suggestions to build a look based on this?
If I was handed over a kid and a pair of A1923, I would go for a pair of A1923. Or I'd just take the kid, sell it on ebay and buy a bunch of A1923 gear
Medwed, there's plenty of farmed sturgeon and caviar but you very well know that these don't hold a freakin candle to authentic Caspian sturgeon and real beluga caviar. These are not awful alternatives and they're decent value for money, but the real thing is in another league.
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