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 I think, as long as the design is minimalistic and clean, the jeans are quite slim with a narrow hem - you should be ok.
 Dude, it's not unobtainable. I will be producing these jeans in sizes 46 and 48 when I get hold of good Japanese fabric, so we can talk about it ;)
The jeans? No man, much better: #madebywife
Dad is a legit store that carries among other brands A1923, Elena Dawson, Bergfabel and (in near future) Layer 0.
I wear blue jeans with CCP but they're not your average blue jeans, as you may guess. 
 Needles Rebuild Military Jacket
 I like some CM footwear. Especially some super nice hand-made stuff that you can find in small Italian bottegas. And Alden indy boot in color 8 shell cordovan is just awesome.
Winter is coming, so new footweas is coming too: SLP combat boots and Moma derbies   New fragrance for the winter Which came with a present: MMM Iphone case.
Every time I read these resoling-gone-wrong stories, I thank god for hooking me up with my cobbler - a 60 something years old Armenian woman named Larissa, who has a small old school work shop not far from my place. She does not do the cobbling job herself but runs the place, selects and employs very skillful staff. They do amazing job at vibraming and charge me not more than 25 bucks per pair. Every time I bring a new pair of footwear to them, I notice how impressed they...
I'll try, thanks.
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