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 Got these from Ink at 527 bucks plus shipping. Incredible deal, considering than on secondary market beaten up ones sell higher than that.       Two more items from my RO mini collection    
 Letting my CCP blazer go. Tagged 50 - fits 48. If interested, PM me.
  I love it, man! Thanks for posting. Do you know if these are 995? Color code and leather by any chance? 
@psydle they look structured indeed! Unlike any other Guidi. And the color is incredible.
 These Guidis look awesome. I think I'm gonna pre-order them.  
Picked a few pieces on sales: RO bauhaus and Anne D dress shirt.  
Don't like? Loving it!!!
Guys, I will accept a reasonable offer for this jacket. It's an amazing jacket but did not fit me. I bought it from Japan and paid full retail price. Never worn it. Ready to give it away for cheap.  
@ManofKent looking great, man! Slim and well dressed.
Happy new year from Italy KK Attachment Raf No brand Gats
New Posts  All Forums: