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 11 by BBS, that's right.
Thanks my ninja
Post-rain stroll.  
I second that - acronym makes some amazing tech stuff. Unless it was a question directed to me, in which case my answer is 'no' - its BBS 11.
  48. A bit snug as I have wide shoulders but otherwise tts.
Was able to find 3 wishlist items at a really good price within a short period of time.  
  I got this one. Have worn in heavy rain and results were satisfying. 
@psydle that's my favorite fit from you. Really nice.
*****SOLD*****   Selling this beautiful Augusta blazer for cheap. Hit me up if interested.  
Alex, this looks so old fashioned in a good way. Reminds me of LP covers dated 60s-70s. And why a new band? What happened to your old band?
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