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From the recent ones: 1. 2 faces of January - a neo-noir set in Greece, 1960s. S solid film, reminiscent of Talented Mr Ripley. 2. The Homesman. An excellent western (not a traditional one) directed by Tommy Lee Jones.
what's the big deal with getting them hemmed? any tailor can do this for like 10 bucks or less.
 Surprised no one has pulled the trigger so far on these IS http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18261  
Alexander, those look stunning. How comfortable are they compared to A1923?
Dunno dude, seems a bit over-designed for my taste. I really liked the weightless blazer and alike he used to produce earlier.
I got his dna jeans and minimalist dna pants. The former don't get much wear but I'm happy with the latter. Not a fan of his latest work, tbh.
He did have dna jeans in aubergine/bordeaux, as well as military green as far as I remember. His clientele mostly demands black so it's obvious why most of his offerings are in this color. I do think though, that he could do a custom order in any color or any material.
John's on Bleeker str. is pretty good imo. i dont mind grated mozzarella on a NY style. Keste is very good but you can't really compare these two as they are two different things: classic NYC brick oven pizza and la vera pizza Napoletana baked in a wood fired oven.
The jeans look great but 2500 bucks is bit over the top for jeans imo. I wonder what other brands produce jeans using similar "hairy" denim.
A fit pic added.  
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