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@Syeknom to me every single piece seems to be incongruous with the other, while each piece on its own looks interesting.
 Gavroche - very nice fit.
Exactly my thoughts.
iamcyborg, I dig your fit, scarf and jeans included. The only thing that irritates the eye is the mess in your closet, but that's a minor issue.
 I agree that titanium elements incorporated into jackets and blazers are kinda over the top, but they make the boots look badass.
Duh... I was playing around with "IB" abbreviation.
Individual Bentiments, probably
These CCPs are anything but versatile and definitely no for daily use (unless you're Mad Max). Beautiful, nonetheless. My choice between these 2 still would have been CCP though because I don't really like this particular pair of Augusta.
  This thread has over seven thousand pages.
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