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You don't.
My tone was not completely serious, but I do give credit to Benes for those fits. That style suits him much more than what's he going after these days, imo.
People were not ready for that back then, hence the reaction. Benes created that fashion. Then he dropped it and others picked it up.
Benes, I just had a look at your earlier pictures (posted by another use) and was stunned. You dressed so fucking fantastic.
A fantastic piece by Devoa, worn for about 5 hours. Selling because it fits me slightly small. US retail is over 800 dollars.   Material: washi/linen Size: 3 (fits 46 (a little loose)-48 (more fitted) Condition: pristine. Shipping cost: USD 15 Europe and USD 25 the rest of the world
Thanks man. This was very helpful.
Thanks Lorcan. Actually I found one in my size this afternoon but I can't figure out which color version is it, as the picture is quite small. Also, any of you know what does "state rank: 6" imply? I assume it refers to condition of the jacket.  
 Thanks Cotton Dockers! Which sellers might have it in Japan? I use a local proxy service.
 Hey guys - anyone knows the name of this jacket/where it can be purchased?   
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