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 Mr. Moo wears his CCP boots with Armani jackets and shit like that and I actually like that.
Try secondary market. Prices will be considerably lower even if the boots are practically new.
 Classified, if you want brand new ones, you can buy them from CCP retailers such darklands (Berlin), 3,14 (Moscow), PNP (Florence), etc. I think, all or some of these guys also accept orders but waiting time might be quite long. You can also place an order with Office (Cyprus, Nicosia??) or ask them if they have something suitable for you in the current stock. Secondary market is full of CCP boots: try the website which I better not mention on this forum g*****d.com,...
CCP blazer & boots (xpost from waywt)  
CCP Thom Krom Croquis CCP
 Classified, this looks much better. And a nice wall, btw.
 Classified, I personally love fitted clothes. If you look into my gallery you will see that 99% of the stuff I wear is slim fitted. But slim fits also differ.
Moonchild, exactly my thoughts )) You wrote that while I was still typing my post. Otherwise I would not even have posted my previous message because you already explained all very well.
 Classified, although I do agree that this forum (namely its SW&Denim part) has its particular preferences in brands and aesthetic, I would not go that far to claim that it preaches US style (whatever that might mean) and bashes European style (again, what is it?). First of all, many posters (including myself) are from Europe and many designers that are appreciated here are either European or Asian. Loose fits you might be referring to are most likely inspired by Yohji...
  I agree with you to certain extent but I also tend to disagree. It's all subject to the following. If classified wants to improve the way he dresses and this is his purpose of posting on this forum, then he should definitely listen to advice people are giving him here and try to change something. On the other hand, if he is 100% satisfied with the way he looks (and/or his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend loves this look and that's all that matters for him), and the sole reason...
New Posts  All Forums: