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  These clothes make you look like an overweight middle-aged female.
If any of you is size "S" - you're damn lucky. http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=c450188254#enlargeimg
Actually I've tried on that jacket before and looked pretty good on me. I also don't like how it looks on the darklands model. Their models and styling are not the best in the world.
That's also a possibility )
What's an ostrich condom? A condom made of ostrich or designed for one?
2 new jackets - (n)umber nine rider and A1923 wool/ramie selvage  
As art objects the pieces looks quite interesting but not the most wearable stuff in the world. The penis looks quite versatile though
Yes! That's how it's spelled. But I don't know much about this designer. Though what I've seen looks too costumey for my taste (but that's beside the point).
  I would wear that coat with something slimmer and lighter in color. Like light blue jeans.
I think the designer who might have the desire and balls to actually implement this, is CCP
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