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 Don't show the sz guys what jeans you are wearing those mmorias with, or they'll drink your blood )
This is a great story, NN! Kudos, indeed. M_moria = $$$$   Great personality = priceless!
 Does anyone know the name of this particular model?  
@RFX45 do you know when those tubulars will become available for purchase/pre-order?
Grandma went so fucking cheap and yet kept the price tag so high. Pig leather? Wtf!!
Now $399!!   Junya Watanabe country jacket made of wool, with canvas details, leather pockets and leather elbow patches. Buttons are made of wood. Retail price: $1200. Condition is as-new/excellent. Would fit 48-50. Very versatile jacket which can be worn both as a blazer and as a short coat. Quite warm. The quality and craftsmanship are extraordinary. In my opinion this is one of the best iterations of Junya's country jacket.   Worldwide shipping: 35 dollars.
 Considering to trade my Junya Watanabe country jacket size 50 (as-new condition) for EG homespun bedford (not gray!) size M. Hit me up with a PM if interested.  
 Interest check. PM me if interested.   A1923 ramie/wool selvedge blazer, size 50 (fits 48). Very good condition.  
Edit: sorry, wrong thread.
You don't.
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