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 I loved Ba Grandpa. I'm a fan of films like Borat, Dictator, etc, plus Farelli bros stuff.
 Mikey, which Wolverines - 1000 mile? Good choice, imo. I was (and still am) debating between those and red wings beckman. I'll probably decide in favour of Wolverines. Post fit pictures when you get them.   Some pre-distressed jeans look good imo. Depends on the wash, really. Distressing on most prps that I have seen is over the top and to me that does not look appealing, cheapens the overall look (even though the stuff costs fortune). On the other hand, I've seen...
So he would pay his rent and would not be evicted.
Gotta copy that. Thanks Fuuma.
 I play mostly Pro Evolution Soccer and UFC Undisputed
 Sinnedk, I have always disliked that scene although I like that movie otherwise. For some some strange reason I find that scene utterly obscene and vulgar, even though I am a fan of porn and the concept of 'pussy' all around
..... and all the pussy
 I've bought a dozen or more games and keep playing only two for over a year  now.
iamcybirg, are you and Damon Albarn twins or just sibligs?
 Thanks man. Gotta check these places out when I go to NYC in May. Cheers.
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