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 Not your size probably, but I'm surprised no one kopped these http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18261
 Sorry dude. I'll redact if you want
Individual Sentiments are also quite comfy. Zero break-in period.
Guidi for me.
Majority voted - I'm dropping that convo
I've never had this conversation before. On the other hand, no one's forcing you to join this conversation.
 I would not agree that Simone really rips off any brands. He gets heavily inspired, yes, no one can argue with that, but the outcome is distinctly different from the source of inspiration. If we take CCP side-zip/tornado boots and Augusta's dual/spiral zips - yes, they look somewhat similar but only to a certain extent. You can easily tell which is which. On the other hand, Simone does make a lot of other stuff that is straight up Augusta (e.g. work boots). I do agree...
 What you are doing there, buddy, is called 'substituting notions' and 'running to extremes'.    Nothing wrong with a queen..... as long as we're talking about the Queen of England. But, on a serious note, I was not referring to gay people. There are lots of gay people that look like a man, act like a man and dress like a man. And there are queens (and they are not necessarily gay) who just look silly.
 Got a copy of Solomon Kane. Anyone here seen it and would recommend?
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