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I agree. The fit of the jacket is bad. The jacket itself might be ok but it just does not fit him.
 Don't show the sz guys what jeans you are wearing those mmorias with, or they'll drink your blood )
This is a great story, NN! Kudos, indeed. M_moria = $$$$   Great personality = priceless!
 Does anyone know the name of this particular model?  
@RFX45 do you know when those tubulars will become available for purchase/pre-order?
Grandma went so fucking cheap and yet kept the price tag so high. Pig leather? Wtf!!
Now $399!!   Junya Watanabe country jacket made of wool, with canvas details, leather pockets and leather elbow patches. Buttons are made of wood. Retail price: $1200. Condition is as-new/excellent. Would fit 48-50. Very versatile jacket which can be worn both as a blazer and as a short coat. Quite warm. The quality and craftsmanship are extraordinary. In my opinion this is one of the best iterations of Junya's country jacket.   Worldwide shipping: 35 dollars.
 Considering to trade my Junya Watanabe country jacket size 50 (as-new condition) for EG homespun bedford (not gray!) size M. Hit me up with a PM if interested.  
 Interest check. PM me if interested.   A1923 ramie/wool selvedge blazer, size 50 (fits 48). Very good condition.  
Edit: sorry, wrong thread.
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