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Soprano, dude! You might find yourself swimming among fishes for that misspelling
What is Ron wearing?  
 Unfortunately, caviar, sturgeon, singing gypsies and trained bears are all left behind. The country is in crisis now - if you get 1/2 brick of borodinsky bread and a couple slices of doktorsky kolbasa as a chaser, you're a lucky drinker
50 bucks for real gator shoes? You can't be serious, buddy!
  Your facts are not accurate. Normally a bottle of 0.75 liters is consumed by 3 people. It, apparently, does not get them drunk and the same exercise is repeated at least twice. I have not seen people in the US drinking vodka in shots. For some strange reason Americans drink vodka with ice, as a long drink. Here, in Russia, vodka is drunk in small shots (ryumki) or with regular glasses (stakan) - always at one gulp, of course.
  This film was heavily criticized by the Russian government, their followers and some other trolls for many many reasons. One of the reasons was that the film allegedly exaggerates the volume vodka consumption by Russians.
 OMG, what a fucking nerd you are!!!   Who says that Best WAYWT thread is the monopoly of absolute truth? If that picture of Fuuma ended up there, it only means that someone liked the fit and posted in that thread ( plus Fuuma is one of few people who can pull off practically any fit). I can just as well take any fit (even one of your ugly fits) and post it in the Best WAYWT thread.
No, the point is that Rick jacket is not your average jacket you randomly throw on to finish a look. Rick, in order to look its 100% must be worn in a particular way. Otherwise you will make Rick look mediocre which is does not deserve.
  He might look good overall but the Rick jacket is not adding any value to his look. He would look as good (of even better) wearing some other jacket.
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