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 Not sure how much value does a wooden nail add to the product.
 I'm thinking of buying a pair of Layer 0 cordovan ankle boots but I don't really like the current offerings. Have they changed the shape? Because the new models look less edgy, with much less character compared to previous models.
Actually I've handled a pair of Mmoria in Degli Effeti and all I can say is that they're not my cup of tea (and the price is not the only factor here, although it certainly is a factor).
  Did you end up liking Mmoria eventually? Cos I remember you hating them.
  Actually A1923/Guidi prices differ from each other considerably. Almost 2 times, in fact. I think, for your style Gudis will be very suitable. If I were you, I would go for them. They're very well made shoes.
LA Guy - that's not me in the picture but a Russian media character whom I follow on fb. According to him the quality is solid. Haven't handled the jacket myself.
SirMeowly - deets on the boots?
 I want to be alive in 2601 just to see what toe shape CCP and other baller boots gonna have )
 Oh, ok :)   But seriously, I think those are much less of a rip off compared to what our good Italian friend does.
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