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Thanks man. Not my Mercedes. However what I ride costs much more than that: subway
  In front of my office building this cold and frosty morning.
Thanks! Actually the link you provided is very helpful - I just wanted to see the color more clearly. A great purchase man, congratz! I will post soob my new Layer 0 that I got from @eton97
@MagicalZechs can you please post some detailed pictures of your new Layer 0? I really dig the green undertones in the color.
 Could anyone help with identifying these three models and with corresponding sizing (i.e. whether the item runs small or tts)?  
 Mok, you look like Premier Lenin, but "more good" ;) 
@DeadBoy - deets please?
  Fades on the jeans look really nice. Were those jeans raw and they faded with wear? What is the name of the model?
 What jacket is that - Eddie/anyone?
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