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  Do you own only one pair of footwear?
 While Layer 0 fun is lasting - here are the ones I picked up from Eton - a great seller and great guy!    
 KK Attachment downjacket  Layer 0 boots  
Thanks! The coat is custom-made, scarf is Unuqlo cashmere, pants were made by my wife 2 days ago and the boots are Guidi. CCP blazer and APC dress shirt non vis.
Thanks man. Not my Mercedes. However what I ride costs much more than that: subway
  In front of my office building this cold and frosty morning.
Thanks! Actually the link you provided is very helpful - I just wanted to see the color more clearly. A great purchase man, congratz! I will post soob my new Layer 0 that I got from @eton97
@MagicalZechs can you please post some detailed pictures of your new Layer 0? I really dig the green undertones in the color.
 Could anyone help with identifying these three models and with corresponding sizing (i.e. whether the item runs small or tts)?  
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