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Benes, PM me and we'll work something out.
 Actually she is planning to start production of her line. For the time being she accepts a limited amount of accepts custom orders so if you want same kind of shorts PM me and I can ask her if she's prepared to make a pair for you. Cheers.
 Those shorts were made for me by my  wife based on the design I came up with. They're very comfy :)
Mine? or?
 A couple of days ago in Dubrovnik.  
 I liked the novel. Not sure how the movie will turn out - might go either way. As for Gillian Flynn's books (very reminiscent of which is The Girl on the Train), which are also mostly narrated - we have seen both good (Gone Girl) and not so good (Dark Places) adaptations.
 I think, Love & Mercy is a very solid flick.   This is absolutely amazing:  
 These are out already. Russian version of the official adidas online store carries them for sure. I assume that so do the US/EU shops. http://www.adidas.ru/vysokie-krossovki-tubular-runner/S81674.html
  Why would you wear $1000+ shoes in the rain?
 Not sure how much value does a wooden nail add to the product.
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