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I PMd you but still no reply. If the cardigan is still available - you have an interested buyer.
 Been a long time...  
Since artishard seems to be having a day off, I'll try to reply: I think it's his 'weightless blazer'.
 Most of the fights on styleforum start under the following scenario: user X says - "I don't like [oranges]" and user Y responds with an insult.
If someone advertises something and is unable to provide pictures within a month upon request, one may reasonably assume that the advertiser does not actually possess the piece and uses the ad as a trick to draw attention to his other classifieds.   I already said that the use of the word 'scammer' was an exaggeration so don't really know why you're still fastening on this scam thing.
   To feed you more shit
 No, you definitely did not scam me with money and etc. It's just a little hard to believe that you did not go home for a month now (or about that time). The word 'scammer' was an exaggeration. I admit that.
I'm talking about the cardigan...
So you're the one  who fucked up, ain't you?   But what can I expect from a classifieds' scammer.
@indesertum  What the fuck are you drinking, man? I called somebody's shit the ugliest shit ever???? Are you hallucinating or something?
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