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 How exactly is someone preaching TOJ if he dissuades a fellow sf member from buying it new and also says: "I caught the tail end in 2012 and got my jacket in 4 months and that was a bit late. No biggie to me at that point but now to make people wait a year or more and not communicate with them... Fuck that, I don't care about any justifications that's wrong. Refund people and tell them you shit down or tell them it will be a year plus wait and cut price after you over...
I watched a freakin amazing documentary entitled Imposter. It's literally a thriller with a twist ending. Check it out - you won't regret.  
@The3rdConch0rd although the overall fit is pleasing, the jacket looks at least a size too big.
You fat thievish bastard
Could I have heard this shit somewhere before? A freakin deja vu?
Fuck him whoever thinks that post count is important. Gosh, I've seen so many dumb asses with 1000+ posts.
Stuff like that. Called tabi I think.  
Stitch, ninjas don't wear sandals - samurais do though
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