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  What do you mean by that?
 I think the price ($700) is very reasonable, considering that they are/were the guys involved in the making of CCP footwear.
Sinnedk, they are on farfetch, as well as on the official website of Premiata.   http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/premiata---item-11131630.aspx?storeid=9089&ffref=lp_10_12_
 These Premiatas look pretty solid.  
Which jacket/how much?
Thanks guys. MOK - my chelsea is not that tight fitting, actually. I've never handled Bedford but it is indeed slim compared to my worker's jacket which I had to have altered. Good to hear that you know Fott They got a few EG pieces now at a real nice price.
No, in Russia.
 Threw on my new EG jacket while going for a walk with my wife the other day )  
Price down to $ 396!!!   Cotton/deer skin jacket Soloist, Takahiro Miyashita   Brand new with tags. Tagged as "M" and fits M/48 spot on (will fit S/46 slightly loose). Material: cotton and partly deer skin. Extra buttons are included.   The jacket is a pure beauty, really sad to be parting with it but it's a bit small for me. Japanese retail price 93450 YEN (approx. USD 800); US/EU retail price is about twice as much. So my loss will be your gain.   Worldwide...
 I'm considering to sell this jacket in size "M" BNWT. If interested, PM me.
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